How to Buy Weed Online in Canada – Everything You Need to Know

When purchasing an item, one should be able to distinguish the excellent quality product from the bad. The same applies when you buy weed online Canada. Purchasing weed has now become easy and can simply be done from the comfort of your home. However, one needs to purchase cannabis from a reputable seller in order to ensure the quality is maintained and benefits are reaped when they can’t view the product in-person.

How to Spot Good Weed?

There are some important factors that have to be considered to choose weed that has a higher quality. Some of these factors are given below:

The Color of the Weed

Checking for the color of the weed is a good indicator of whether the weed is of better quality. The best quality weed is one that’s green. Having a few shades of purple and orange mixed into it is normal. Weeds come from different families hence exhibits shades other than green, purple, and orange as well.

However, a weed that is of low quality is usually identified by the presence of mold and browning. Browning is a classic indication of oxidized weed, meaning it is old. The appearance of brown or maroon trichomes also indicates low quality.

The Smell of the Weed

Although smelling the weed prior to purchasing when shopping online isn’t possible, you can still ensure you do not order one that’s not up to mark. A fresh batch of weed has a distinct pungent smell that is easy to identify. Most people describe it as earthy or woody.

Certain weed families’ exhibit a unique smell when burnt, such as Sativa, which smells like citrus. There is also synthetic weed which can smell like any chemical sprayed onto it. A bad batch of weed is said to smell like hay or grass cuttings.

It’s best to avoid smoking anything that doesn’t smell like weed or any synthetic weed, as it isn’t regulated.

The Appearance of Pests and Mold

Typically, one would not find pests in weeds that are grown under strict regulations.  If you spot pests on your weed, it’s best to discard them. The appearance of pests is an excellent indicator of low-quality weed as the weed could contain fecal matter and eggs.

Moreover, mold appearance is also a great way of marking your weed off as subpar. In general, moldy weed looks like there are spider-webs on it. Another way of identifying mold on your weed is through the appearance of whitish powdery crystalline trichomes or greyish fuzzy mold, depending on the type of fungus.

The Stickiness of the Weed

A general rule of thumb is that the more the stickiness of the weed, the better. Stickiness is an indicator of the presence of crystals or trichomes, which are present in all quality weeds. Wet weed is considered low quality as it is an indicator of insufficient curing and drying process.

On the other hand, a weed that is too dry is also subpar. A dry weed that crumbles into dust indicates that the weed was harvested long back.

The Structure of the Buds

Understanding the structure of the buds is an excellent way of identifying good cannabis among the bad ones. The two varieties of weeds, Indica and Sativa, are considered the best weeds out there.

The buds on Indica are more tightly and densely packed, whereas the buds of Sativa look incomplete and are fluffier with the visible appearance of stems. Sativa buds also have a greater quantity of orange or red hairs (pistils) than Indica buds.

The Appearance of Trichomes

Trichomes are the crystals that are visible on the exterior of the buds. They are responsible for the pungent smells of cannabis when burnt as they contain a large number of cannabinoids and terpenes. A good quality weed has a more significant number of Trichomes.

However, more trichomes are not always a good indicator. The appearance of the trichomes present is also essential. A quality trichome appears to be frosty, mimicking the appearance of snow or powdered sugar. The trichomes should shine when light passes through them. If the trichome seems dull, it’s an indicator of low-quality weed.

The Trim on the Weed

As a general rule of thumb, a well-trimmed weed is a good quality weed. However, this is not a definitive way of distinguishing quality. The trimmings on the weed provide an indication of how well kept and grown the weed is.

The fewer the appearance of stems and bigger leaves, the better. Note that the trimming process does not profoundly affect the smell or taste of the weed.

Weeds with Hermaphroditic Traits

The presence of hermaphroditic traits means that the weed has undergone stressors for a while, resulting in the female cannabis plant’s tendency to exhibit male flower sites or nanners.

Due to the absence of pollen sacs on female cannabis plants, they make better quality weed than male plants. Hence, this is why strong female cannabis plants are preferred, as they are resistant to developing hermaphroditic traits even under stress.

Benefits of Smoking Cannabis

For Pain Relief

Smoking weed can help with treating chronic conditions by ways of manipulating pain perception pathways.  Be sure to check out options like Cannabis Delivery Service Maple Ridge as well.

To Reduce Inflammation

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is well-known to reduce inflammation which improves overall health.

Overcoming Insomnia

Smoking weed promotes relaxation, which helps with overcoming sleep disorders such as insomnia. The pain-relieving factor of cannabis may also be a contributing factor in improving sleep quality.

Treatment of Neurological and Psychological Disorders

Cannabis directly affects the limbic system; the limbic system is responsible for regulating our emotional and behavioral responses. By acting on the limbic system, weed can be used for disorders like Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).


Not everyone can easily distinguish good and bad weed and it can only be learned with experience. It takes a few years of purchasing cannabis before one can identify a quality product. So, a quick solution can be to buy only laboratory-tested products.