How to calculate how much your dog should eat?

Here we tell you what some competition breeders have explained to us that we have   interviewed about these types of questions that you usually ask us.

The unanimous response from breeders: There is no fixed amount of food to indicate in any case, since it depends on many factors like race, activity, individual characteristics (metabolic rate, current body weight, age, sterilization). Another important question to answer is whether it is quality or junk food? It is also a point that will vary quantities greatly.

The breeds usually have similar characteristics among their individuals: The Yorkshire are always small and thin because of how much hair they have, the Bulldog Anchotes and big heads, the American Stanford, some muscular Brutotes with an enormous expenditure of energy, will require different amount of food. The method that we are going to propose, does not depend on whether it is a puppy or adult Labrador, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Maltese, Schnauzer or a Pitbull, for which we asked some questions and were happy to receive a response from Honest Paws.

How much food do I give my dog ​​to make it perfect?

1 .Measurement

The starting point will be given to us by our dog, for a period of 2 weeks to a month, we will feed it in the same way as before, but carefully measuring two aspects:

Food eaten throughout the day and evolution of body weight.

Essential , we will serve the food with a meter (a cup, a glass, no matter what, the important thing is a measure that is always the same) and we will be giving small cups until you do not want more unless we have a dog of those swallows, without limits, etc … laugh Be careful!

We will give you an approximate amount, similar to what you ate so far (but attention … measuring the number of small cups to know how much you have eaten).

We will take something to write down and write something similar to the following:

Day 1: 3 little cups

Day 2: 4 scoops

Day 3: 4 scoops

Day 4: 3 little cups

Once the initial measurement period is over, we will have an average of the ingested scoops/cups a day and the evolution of their body weight.

2 .Reset

At this point there are several possible situations:

Your dog is at its ideal weight and has not gained weight:

Bingo! We have found the exact amount  And it is. (With the data from the previous example, we would keep the 3.5 little cups).

Your dog has not gained weight, but it is too chubby:

We will make a small amount reduction, and keep it a month watching the evolution of your body weight. (In the previous example, we would go to 3 small boxes: that is, we would lower it by 10% -15%).

He has lost a little weight and I don’t want him to lose weight anymore / he is thin and I want him to gain weight:

You will have already deduced the obvious answer: We will make a small increase in quantity (According to the previous example we would increase to the 4 small cups).

Wait between 2 weeks and one month, reevaluate and readjust if appropriate, until we are in situation 1:

It is about finding a balance for a stable body weight.

By keeping these things in mind, we are sure that you would be able to find out the best possible food diet for your dogs, and find them in the best possible health.