How to care for and Maintain the Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a device which is manually controlled and a cutting tool with teeth set on a chain which moves in a given shape of a blade. If you wish that your chainsaw lasts for a longer period of time and work efficiently, you have to pay attention to your electric chainsaw in order to fulfill these desires.

Here are some tips and tricks which can help you to do so:

  • Before using it every time keep a check on the bar and level of chain oil.
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  • Sharpen the chainsaw well so that it gives effective results in cutting but will also ensure safety to the one who is using it because it prevents from kickbacks.
  • Debris cleaning after every use is advised heavily.

Use a file for sharpening of the blades of chainsaw frequently. This is one of the most important advice to maintain your chainsaw.  Its also important you start with the best professional chainsaw for you and your needs.

Sharpen Process of Chainsaw

  • Keep the device in the vise while you are working.
  • Enable then brake.
  • Initiation takes place by cutting teeth first. The positioning of the saw is in the depth gauge in such an order that its arrow point towards the bar nose of Chainsaw.
  • The filling must be carried out in a right-angle direction to the chainsaw rollers.
  • The saw should be turned around and must be directed in the opposing direction.
  • Use the same motion for filling of cutting tooth and finish filling the saw.

Changing of Chainsaw Chain and Bar

  • Simply change the used chainsaw bar by placing a new chain at the same place.
  • Tension applied to the chain should be nominal. Fix it tightly, if not done so it may come out of the bar while using it.
  • The chain should be fixed in such a manner that you can pull the chain up too 1cm in the mid-way of the bar. The chain should rotate well while using the bar.

How to clean a Chainsaw?

In order to maintain something, you must clean it well at regular intervals of time.

  • Locate the cover of the clutch and remove it.
  • Chain Break Band must be cleaned properly.
  • Debris must be cleaned well, and the chainsaw bar must be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Locate the cover of the cylinder and remove it.
  • The air-air filter should be washed.
  • Clean the cooling fins and have a check on debris.
  • The flywheel fins must be checked regularly to check that the cooling of the one is not blocked by any substance.

Other Important Information

Chain Brake

The function of the brake must follow the given conditions:

  • The device must be kept on a regular surface.
  • Squeeze the throttle and release the chain brake.
  • Controlling of the throttle.
  • Chain Catcher.
  • Lubricating of Chain.
  • There must be a check on wear and tear.
  • Tightening of screws, bolts and nuts must be done regularly.

All in all, these are the best ways about how you can maintain your chainsaw into a perfect condition. Caring and keeping a regular servicing of your tools keep you safe, secured and avoid hazards too.