How To Cheat At Roulette?

Cheating at roulette, many people wonder whether this is possible or not. Before we go into this in detail, a distinction must be made between cheating at roulette in a physical and a non GamStop casino. In principle, it is virtually impossible to cheat at an online gambling club. This of course has everything to do with the fact that the entire game is automated. In addition, as a player you have to take into account that a lot of cameras are installed in a physical casino that closely monitor the course of the game. So, be sure that any cheating at roulette in this way will be noticed and punished!

As will become apparent later, cheating at roulette in a land-based casino is virtually impossible and that is perhaps even more true for playing roulette in an online gambling club. Everything there is of course completely automatic and it is not possible to distract the croupier. Many people think that this is possible when playing a game of live roulette, but even then everything is followed so emphatically that as a player you don’t stand a chance. Top online roulette games you find definitely on JUSTUK Club.

In addition, you can’t physically change the chips, which means that a potentially interesting way of cheating with roulette is suppressed anyway. The only way to increase the advantage of you as a player over the house in online roulette is to use a good and sophisticated strategy.

Cheating at Roulette in a Physical Casino

In a land-based casino, the most well-known form of roulette cheating is to deceive the croupier. This is often misled by distraction. When you are gambling with two players, one player can distract the croupier while the other can quickly move the chips after the ball falls. In practice, this form of cheating not only rarely works out well, but there is always a chance that it will be noticed by one or more of the cameras present. It goes without saying that casinos do not appreciate such forms of cheating and you will be immediately asked to leave the room. You can even face legal action in this case.

Non GamStop Casinos Have Very Effective Security Technologies

Wherever there is money, scammers think of stealing and cheating. This can apply to banks and financial institutions just as it applies to non GamStop casinos and traditional casinos as well. Therefore, casinos invest heavily in security equipment and technologies that help them detect frauds. In general, everything in the casino is monitored by cameras. The footage captured by these cameras is not only monitored by ordinary people, but also by artificial intelligence techniques to detect any cheating or fraudulent pattern the player may use. In addition, players are prohibited from verbally communicating with dealers – the only available method of communication is only sign language. Casino staff also check the roulette wheels to ensure that they are not hacked, magnetized or rigged.

Roulette Wheel Bias

Historically, wheel bias was the most successful cheating method that has created millionaires out of nothing. To implement this strategy the dealer and the cheater must work in a team together, or in another scenario, the cheating player must work with a group of other cheaters to observe the roulette wheel for a long time and detect the tilt and thus determine which numbers win the most. After that, the player can bet multiple times on these numbers. Although he may lose some rounds, he will win the majority of his bets for sure. However, any time there is a slight adjustment to the position of the roulette wheel it means that all of the player’s calculations have already collapsed!

Measures Against Cheating at Non GamStop Casinos

Finally, let’s assume that using a roulette strategy is indeed labeled as manipulating the roulette table. For this reason, many online gambling establishments have chosen to set limits over the years. The limits used depend on the nature of the roulette game. If low limit roulette is played, the limit is a lot lower compared to standard roulette and certainly compared to high limit roulette.

By making use of such limits, it is prevented that the player can increase his or her bet endlessly, which puts a stick in the wheels, in particular the Martingale system. Partly because of these limits, it is actually very difficult to find an opportunity to manipulate the roulette table at an online gambling club. A strategy is really just increasing your chances of winning. Therefore, understand that a casino will not be happy with that. They can’t forbid you but remember that the casino just wants to win too.

Is Using Strategy Also Cheating?

The above question is difficult to answer. Basically, using a roulette strategy or tips is of course not really the same as manipulating the roulette table, but not all non GamStop casinos agree with that. They see a certain pattern in it that is arranged in such a way that it undermines the house edge. Although in theory this is not really forbidden, it is true that the potential winning chances of the player increase in this way and of course the house does not like that to happen.

For this reason, for example, in a real land-based casino, careful attention is paid to ensure that there is no specific pattern in the player’s bets. If it is found that, for example, the Martingale system is used, it is possible that the croupier makes a comment about this. Forcing you not to apply this strategy is of course a lot more difficult.


In fact, the world of roulette is not lacking in cheating methods! Hundreds of fraudulent methods have been applied to the Devil’s Wheel during the past years. We have provided this article for the purpose of education and entertainment only, and of course our advice to you is not to try any of these methods yourself in non GamStop casinos or traditional gambling sites. You may be banned from the casino. Furthermore, legal action may be taken against you.