How to cheat in online games without getting caught

Online games can be a lot of fun, but it’s all too easy to lose interest because you’re stuck on an impossible level. But why should your friends have all the fun? Cheating is not only possible – it’s surprisingly simple! Learn how to cheat in online games without getting caught here.  Though you are a new gamer, you should switch to skyofgames, as it provides you with various interesting games to play on your computer or other platforms.

1. Use a trainer

Trailers are NOT just for the big boys. CheatEngine is a free solution that you can use to cheat in online games and offline games. It’s way more advanced than ActionScript Hacks but is very easy to use with some tinkering around. There are also several trainers already created for popular games such as Battlefield 3 and Torchlight.

2. Edit the game’s memory

Edit the game's memory

This one requires more technical know-how but can offer you an unfair advantage in online games (which is why we like it). There are several different tools out there that make this possible. Game Hacking is also available for most popular games such as Battlefield 3 and Torchlight.

3. Use a Hex Editor

A hex editor is a tool that you can use to change the memory of a game or any other type of file. They don’t always work in every kind of file, but they can be pretty helpful when they do. Hex Editors are most commonly used in modding games and cheating in online FPS games (such as Call of Duty and Battlefield). There are many types of hex editors out there – here’s one.

4. Use a VPN to change your IP address

Use a VPN to change your IP address

This will make it appear like you are playing the game from another location, usually on someone else’s account. Many different VPNs are available; open Google and search for ” Best free VPN” to find some of the most highly recommended ones (note that this method may or may not work with newer games that utilize server-side profiles).

5. Use Cheat codes

These can be implemented before starting the game, during gameplay, via an external device, or even by altering save files. Remember how you would have to look high and low for cheat codes just a few years ago? Well, now there is a website dedicated exclusively to providing gamers with access to just about every cheat code known to modern man! Enter whatever you’re looking for in the search bar and get ready to be amazed.

6. Dividing by zero

If you’re stuck on a challenging mission or level, why not just lower the difficulty? It is one of the oldest tricks in the books, but it still works well. Some games have a dedicated “easy mode” where all your stats are maxed out from the get-go, while others reduce enemy accuracy and damage done. In other words, this method works for any game that has an adjustable difficulty setting.

7. Accessing their account

Accessing their account

Almost done – now all that’s left is to log into their account from your phone. Click on “Account,” pick one of the options (for example, if there’s only one email address associated with their account, it will say “Email”), and type in their email address and password. They could change the password at any time, so make sure you don’t take too long. If it works, the game will log you in, and you’ll be ready to go! You can now play as if you were them – your levels, items, pets, avatars, even the clothes on their avatar’s back are all there for you to use. If they bought any new items or avatars recently, those would show up on your phone, too – congratulations, you’ve just made yourself a whole new outfit!

8. Download an aim bot/wallhack for FPS games

FPS games like Modern Warfare 2, Halo: Reach, and Battlefield 3 will benefit from an aim Bot or wallhack. The aim Bot will help you lock onto enemies, and the wallhack shows you exactly where they are through walls, so it’s effortless to pick them off. It is absolutely cheating as it gives you an unfair advantage over other players who don’t have these hacks, but that means more fun for you! All you need to do is download one of these hacks – most are free – load up the game, turn it on and play usually. It’ll automatically target any enemy nearby (you can choose how close they must be) while at the same time highlighting any enemies behind walls so that your shots hit their mark.

9. Create multiple accounts to have more items, money, etc.

Create multiple accounts to have more items, money, etc

Online games usually have one account per player, which can be frustrating if you want to try out more than one game at a time. Fortunately, it’s easy to make additional accounts. Most online games allow you to play quickly with the click of a button. After all, you’re allowed to play multiple characters in most RPGs; why not do the same for your online game accounts? All it takes is creating accounts with different emails – some sites like Gmail don’t require an email address when making an account (for example: when YouTube asks for your birth date) – and using them when necessary!

10. Replace certain items to change the game

If you’ve got no chance of getting any weapons or Armor until much later on in the game, why not just create some? This is even easier than editing an image – all you need is Microsoft Paint (or something similar) and an unneeded USB stick. Just copy and paste objects onto your USB stick, then plug them into your computer when necessary. You’ll be able to replace almost anything with ease – use this technique to get yourself loads of equipment, or create a super-powerful weapon and use it to smash through any opposition!


well, cheating is not the right word; we are only taking an easier way to get through the complex parts of the game. It is entirely optional, and you may choose to fight and gain points without cheat codes, but with little effort, you will be able to climb levels in your favourite game.