How to Choose a Great Social Media Agency

That social media has become integral to marketing is no longer in doubt. According to research, some 42% of internet users rely on social media sites to find out more information about brands. Additionally, 27% of US and UK users report discovering new brands through social media ads. It occupied the top spot with TV ads for brand discovery.

Given this huge potential, you want to be sure that you get your social media marketing campaign off the right foot. Some of the signs that you need to hire a top social media marketing agency lime include:

  • You are finding it hard to grow performance
  • Have a budget that you are not sure how to get the best from
  • You cannot measure your social media efforts results.

In this article, we take you through the vital steps of choosing the perfect Instagram marketing agency to partner with in growing your business and getting instant views.

Build the right audience

At the core of any successful social media marketing campaign is an audience that finds interest in your product, services, or industry. This is what successful social media advertising is founded upon. You must have the right audience to whom to deliver the right message at the most opportune time.

Even if you have the best creative, you will not get the results you desire if you fail to target the right audience.

Facebook uses a quality ranking to determine audience effectiveness. Quality ranking refers to ranking the perceived quality of your ads.

Understand Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

Next up, you need to be clear about what you are hoping to attain through social media. The goals you set will be critical to the strategy you will use and how to determine success. According to research, companies with a clear content strategy will achieve 27% higher win rates and also 18% higher quota attainment rates.

Setting goals also help you to apportion your resources and budget. Knowing the most important things to your business enables you to delegate duties wisely and get the most from your advertisement money.

Your goals must be realistic and attainable. Some of the goals you may want to set include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Boosting sales
  • Increasing engagement

Ability to Offer Customized Service

Be wary of social media agencies that have the same strategies for all clients. It’s been proven time and again that a one-size-fits-all approach never works.

The truth of the matter is that different clients have unique audiences and business objectives. That’s why you can’t have an agency that uses a one-size-fits-all strategy. The best agencies will offer a personalized experience built around your unique goals and needs.

High-level of Expertise

Thousands upon thousands of digital marketing agencies exist in the US alone that offer wide-ranging services. This makes it even more difficult to find an agency when they appear to offer the same thing.

One thing that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff is their expertise level. For example, at, we not only understand our work but also what will give you the best results. Our specialism is to create impactful paid Instagram ads that deliver tangible results.

They’re Proven to Get Results

A crucial element of a good social media agency is the ability to create consistently high-performing campaigns. That means before you choose an agency, look for testimonials, reviews, and case studies that prove you are dealing with a capable partner.

Additionally, go for an agency with expertise, credibility, and the ability to offer services that are tailored to your needs.

Other Tips to Help You

Be Clear About Your Expectations and Goals

Your chosen agency can help you formulate goals if you do not have some already.

But if you already have some goals and expectations, make sure you communicate them as clearly as possible. Failing to do so will mean that the agency doesn’t meet your expectations.

To have clear goals, make sure they are SMART. That means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Share the Right Info

Sharing all the relevant guides, reports, and plans with your social media agency means they will achieve more for you.

For example, you may already have a documented content strategy that you use across several channels like your email newsletters and blog among others. The agency will have to align its marketing strategy with this overarching stratagem.

Alternatively, you could a style guide for your brand. Make sure you share this with your agency, so they choose the right design elements for the creative they produce.

Information sharing ensures that the agency will be on the same wavelength as fast as possible.

Proper Communication is Critical

Communicating your goals and desired expectations and the right information is not enough. You need to keep communication lines open throughout the life of the project or campaign.

Communicating efficiently and on time will ensure that all your social media content and ads are churned out on time to meet your requirements. It calls on you to do all you have to do on your end. For example, you should share new company info you want to be posted in advance.

Most importantly, make sure you communicate properly throughout the whole process. Even if a social media agency wants to help you realize your desired outcomes and get instant views, they are left toothless if you do not empower them with the right information to do it.


The ideal social media agency should be able to have an expert team adept at crafting winning campaigns that are based on data-driven analysis and thorough customer research. They should have demonstrable experience and skill sets that enable them to deliver your project on time and effectively.

Read reviews, customer testimonials, and case studies to be sure that you are getting a great agency. This is the surest way to guarantee that you will stretch your advertising dollar to the limit.