How To Choose A Mattress


When it is time to replace your mattress, it sometimes can be confusing and trying. There are so many mattresses that are available that offer so many benefits, many have no clue how to select the one that would work best for them. There are foam combos, latex, hybrid, and memory foam to name a few to choose from. There are soft, medium, and firm mattresses to pick for your comfort. What is the best way to select the one that works best for you?

Know Your Sleep Position

First, know what your sleep position is. There are people that sleep mainly on their backs, sides, and stomachs and then there are people that sleep in multiple ways, these are called combo sleepers. This means that they might sleep part of the night on their back and then part of the night on their side. There is different firmness of mattresses that suit different sleep positions. For example, a back sleeper would need to select a mattress that is firmer than most. A back sleeper would need to select a firmer mattress that gives them support and pressure relief while they sleep.

Finding A Proper Alignment

It is important to select a mattress that will let you sink down at the hip and shoulder area and keeps your spine in proper alignment. This helps you to be more comfortable and get a good night’s rest. This can also help to reduce back pain and helps you to feel more alert and rested the next morning.

What Type of Mattress Most Interests You?

Decide which type of mattress best suits your likes. Do you like a mattress that has pocket coils that offer pressure relief and support? These are known as hybrid types of mattresses and many times offers memory foam and poly foam to help with the support and to give the coils a foundation to add bounce to the mattress. Many people like this type because the coils will help keep you from sinking deep into the mattress and help to keep you more on top of it. This makes it easy for you to turn over and change positions if you are a combo sleeper instead of feeling like you are sinking down to where you can’t move.  Be sure to check out Orthomatrass for great options.


When deciding which mattress would be best for you, always remember to consider your budget. Know how much is the maximum that you can afford to spend on buying a new mattress. Just because a mattress is the most expensive, does not always mean that it is the best mattress on the market. It is more important to find the one that fits your sleep position and other needs.

Making Your Selection

Knowing there are many different things to consider, let’s take a look at a few of the top-quality beds that are on the market and that you can choose from. While you are reading this information and any other information that you research, ask yourself if this sounds like one that would fit your sleep patterns and habits.


The DreamCloud is one of the top-quality hybrid mattresses. This mattress offers a combination of coils and foam to give comfort and support to its customers.

Cover – This cover has been made with a special cashmere blend that has been quilted with a bit of foam for added plushness. This offers a soft and cozy comfort feel as your first touch this mattress.

Comfort – This layer is made from gel memory foam. This offers a slow response to pressure and allows the sleeper to sink into it some for pressure relief on the hips and shoulder. The gel that has been infused with the memory foam helps with the cooling properties of this mattress.

Transition – The transition layer is made from a denser layer of poly foam and helps to support the layer above it. It helps to lower the sleeper down onto the coils below.

Support – This layer is made up of a tall section of individually wrapped coils. This adds bounce and firmness and support to the mattress. The spacing between the coils allows airflow helping with the cooling effect of the mattress.

Base – The base layer is made from a thin layer of poly foam and serves to support the coils, giving them a foundation to add bounce to the mattress.

This mattress is just a bit above average on the firmness level. This mattress seems to be a perfect match for back sleepers or back and side combo sleepers. The motion transfer on this mattress seems to be able to be felt across the mattress. This means that if you are sleeping with a restless partner, you will more than likely feel their movements.


This mattress has been designed to be 10 inches thick and has been created from 3 layers of various foams. Its purpose is to create support and pressure relief for a variety of different sleepers. It has become very popular in Canada.

Cover – This cover has been designed from a knit polyester fabric and is fully removable from the mattress so that it can be washed on a regular basis. This design is soft and breathable.

Comfort – This layer has been created from the brand’s own Endy foam. It is an open-cell type of memory foam that has been designed to assist with the cooling elements of this mattress and to offer pressure relief to the sleeper.

Transition – The transition layer has been designed from a layer of denser poly foam. It supports the softer layer above it and prevents the sleeper from sinking too far down into the mattress.

Base – This layer is made from high-density poly foam. It offers support and shape to the entire mattress.

This mattress seems to offer a nice medium firmness. It offers pressure relief and very little sinkage down into the mattress. The selection of this mattress seems like it would be good for back and combo sleepers. The motion transfer of this mattress is very limited and seems like it would be a great choice for couples even if one of the partners would be a restless sleeper.


The Puffy mattress is made in the United States and offers a design from 3 separate layers of foam. This design has been created to target the spine area and add relief to the pressure that is many times put on the spine.

Cover – The cover of this mattress has been made from a standard polyester blend with lycra added to give the cover some stretch. The cover is designed to be thin so to help with the cooling properties of the mattress.

Comfort – This layer is made from 2 inches of what is called “Cooling Cloud Foam”. This is a type of memory foam that has gem microbeads mixed into it to help with the cooling properties. This layer is soft and allows the sleeper to sink down into it giving them pressure relief.

Transition – Made from a 2-inch layer of polyfoam and is known as “Climate Comfort”. This foam has a firmer feel so that it can support the softer layer above it and keep the sleeper from sinking too far down into the mattress.

Base – The bottom layer or the base is made from 6 inches of high-density polyfoam. This is a firm base that supports and gives the rest of the mattress its shape.

This mattress seemed to lean towards the soft side of medium firmness. It appears to be a great choice for back and combo sleepers. The motion transfer on this mattress should be a good selection for sleepers that share their beds with a partner. The foam absorbs most of the motion and even with a restless partner should not be felt throughout the mattress. With the design of this mattress, it would also seem to be a good choice for sleepers that have to deal with arthritis.


Knowing when it is time to get a new mattress may be easy for some people but not so much for others. If your mattress is starting to sag or is showing obvious signs of wearing out and breaking down, it is normally easy to know that it is time for a new one. Other signs might be when you wake up in the morning and are stiff and sore or don’t feel like you had a good night’s rest, it is also time to consider a new mattress. There are so many choices when selecting your new mattress that many get overwhelmed, which can be understandable. Make sure that you know what type of mattresses will meet your sleep style needs and go from there. It does not have to be the most expensive one but finding one that gives you the support and pressure relief that your body needs is the most important. Shop around and look for sales and special deals on all of the mattresses that you feel would work the best for you.

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