How to choose a modular helmet


When it comes to the best motorcycle helmet topic, you should know how to choose a modular helmet. Though there are lots of modular helmets available in the market you need to pick the suitable one.

A modular helmet helps to have easy access to the fresh air, and you can do it within seconds. The professional bikers will suggest you take a modular helmet because of its build quality and rigidity. There are various parameters that you should follow before buying a modular helmet.

In this article, we are going to talk on the modular helmet and how you can choose the modular helmet. To know more about the modular helmet, you should follow the article. So, let’s start.

What is a Modular Helmet?

A modular helmet is a type of motorcycle helmet that allows the user to switch between the face glass on and off. It will also allow the user to have some spaces while using this type of helmet. If you need the best motorcycle helmet, you need to choose this type of helmet. This type of helmet is not for the smoker if you think so; rather, it is for the bikers who love to have fresh air during the ride. The build quality of the helmet expresses how good they are. However, choosing a modular helmet is not an easy task. So, let’s know what the things that you should consider before choosing the perfect one.

On Modular Helmet: How to Choose

Most of the biker wants open face motorcycle helmet, which is very comfortable to wear and use. If you are also interested in using a modular helmet, you need to know how to choose the best one. So, let’s start-

  • Build Quality
  • Face Glass Flexibility
  • Comfort to Wear
  • Easy Adjustment
  • The Design
  • Safety

Build Quality

First of all, for choosing the perfect modular helmet, you need to keep in mind about the build quality. Here, the build material can play a big role. It would be best if you go for the best quality material before choosing the helmet.

For the modular helmet, the best material is – Aluminum and steel built metal.

Face Glass Flexibility

The main thing about the modular helmet, which makes the difference with another type of helmet is that it comes with face glass turning on and off feature. The glass should be flexible so that you can easily use that feature.

Before choosing a modular helmet, you need to make sure that the helmet comes with the flexible face glass.

Comfort to Wear

If you are going for a modular helmet, then you need to make sure that the helmet is very comfortable. There should be the best quality foam on the head contacting side, and again the size of the helmet should fit perfectly in your head.

A comfortable helmet can give you a comfortable ride. So, before choosing a modular helmet you need to know about comfortability.

Easy Adjustment

Most of the time you have seen that you are facing problems in adjusting the strap of your helmet. Again, you may also face that the size of the helmet isn’t fixing at your head perfectly. These kinds of problems happen because of not having the easy to adjust feature.

The modular helmet should have the feature which you are going to choose so that you don’t face any unexpected issues.

The Design

As you are going to choose a modular helmet, you need to focus on the design also. All the bikers want their helmet to be the latest so that they can express themselves. A cool looking modular helmet can give you the best expression.

So, before choosing a modular helmet you need to make sure that the design of the helmet is awesome to see. And, one more thing is that the design shows how much premium your helmet is!


This is one of the most important consideration, and you need to make sure that your helmet can keep you safe. Accidents are unexpected, but unfortunately, you face any accidents and wearing the best helmet, then there will be a good chance that you survive.

It’s all about the protective layer that is offering by your helmet. So, before choosing the modular helmet, you need to check that it has a great proactive layer, and it can save you from unexpected injuries. Always try to avoid extreme rides as you know motorbike faces lots of accidents for its speed. So, ride on your bike with the proper equipment and don’t drive extreme.


1. What are the best motorcycle helmet brands?

– There are several brands for motorcycle helmets. From them-

  • AGB
  • Shark
  • Arai
  • Nolan
  • MT

2. When to use full face motorcycle helmets?

– If someone intend to go on long ride and the wind pressure is so much, then you should use full-face helmets. This type of helmets will protect you from strong wind and offer you the best view. Again, your eye will get relaxed by the protective layer of this type of helmets.

3. Are modular helmets safe?

– As you know, a modular helmet has an open space on the face glass to have some air it’s not as safe as the full-face helmet.

Additional Tips

There are some additional tips for you in using the modular helmet. Follow the tips as follow-

  • If you are going for a long outing, then the modular helmet should not be your choice as it’s built for a short ride.
  • This type of helmet is not for smokers if you are thinking so.
  • You can use the modular helmet in the rainy season also.

Final Note

Hopefully you have understood how to choose a modular helmet and when to choose. If you need some air on your face during riding on a bike, then you should go for the modular helmet. Some of the bikers prefer the modular helmets as they feel uneasy in between a full-faced helmet. If you are feeling the same, then you should choose the modular helmet.

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