How To Choose A PEMF Mat Yourself


PEMF technology is garnering astounding popularity and demand from medical personnel and common people alike lately. This popularity and demand owes itself entirely to PEMF’s effectiveness in noninvasively healing various illnesses which have not been able to get such treatment ever before.

PEMF technology needs no elaborate introduction, especially if you’ve been a keen follower of Healthyline Outlet. Our website has a whole section dedicated to PEMF technology and its various aspects, containing comprehensive and easily understandable information on these subjects.

However, if you’re new to PEMF technology and don’t know much about it, let’s walk you through a bit of its basics before jumping to the core of today’s discussion: how to choose a PEMF mat yourself. By reading our comprehensive guide on choosing a PEMF mat yourself, you’ll be able to select the right mat for yourself having all the relevant specifications and features that’ll enable you to receive maximum benefit out of PEMF’s healing magic. So, let’s get started!

PEMF Basics

Before we tell you how to choose the perfect PEMF mat for yourself, let’s brush up briefly on all the basics of PEMF therapy which a layman should be aware of.

  What Is PEMF Therapy?

In short, PEMF technology is the use of electromagnetic radiation to treat illnesses and promote overall well being on a cellular level. It’s a non-invasive procedure with little to no side effects and complications. It has been found effective in treating even those illnesses which can typically only be improved by surgical interventions, hence the immense popularity and growing demand of this therapy in the medical world.

  How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

As we’ve already mentioned, PEMF technology involves treating diseases on a cellular level with the use of electromagnetic radiation. These radiations, emitted by small PEMF devices, penetrate the diseased cells and rejuvenate them by restoring the imbalanced (unhealthy) electromagnetic charge to a balanced (healthy) state.

  What Are The Different PEMF Devices?

PEMF therapy is performed both in clinical settings as well as in homes and personal spaces. For proper clinics and medical institutes, there are specialised PEMF devices which are used to treat complex illnesses. On the contrary, for personal use in homes and private settings, there are portable PEMF devices (including mats) which are used to treat common everyday issues like headaches, body pains, etc., as well as for general wellness.

How To Choose The Best PEMF Mat Yourself

Choosing a PEMF mat yourself isn’t as difficult as it may appear. All you need to do is have the right information about your health goals and the type of mat you’re supposed to buy.

PEMF mats are usually designed to target full body issues such as widespread pain rather than localised illnesses. They treat these issues by integrating low frequency electromagnetic waves (pulses) into the entire body cells, thereby activating them and increasing their natural healing potential.

However, you can only achieve the aforementioned benefits if you use the right PEMF mat yourself. And we’ll help you do just that! Following are the 5 factors you need to consider in order to find the perfect PEMF mat for yourself:

  1. Waveforms: Different PEMF mats emit different waveforms (i.e the shape of electromagnetic waves/pulses) for example square, hawthorn, etc. You should know the type of waveform that you need according to your specific health needs.
  2. Material: PEMF mats are available in different materials including Vinyl, Poly Cotton, etc. These materials vary in their benefits and therefore price as well. You should select your mat material according to your comfortability and affordability.
  3. Strength: The strength (intensity) of electromagnetic waves emitted by your PEMF mat will play a major role in your healing. Some diseases require low intensity waves to be treated while others require high intensity waves. Choose your mat accordingly.
  4. Frequency: Like strength, the electromagnetic waves’ frequency also impacts your healing big time. Some PEMF mats offer an all-inclusive frequency range starting from 6 Hz to 30 Hz. Make sure the mat you buy offers the specific frequency you require.
  5. Mat Size: PEMF mats come in standard, small and large sizes depending on the intended use. Large mats are used to treat full body issues, small ones are used to target specific body parts while standard size can be used in multiple ways. So choose accordingly.

Final Word

By keeping the 5 aforementioned factors in mind you can easily select the perfect PEMF mat for yourself.


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