How to choose a play tower and swing sets for your kids.


It may be hard to figure out a playset for your kids but it’s just a matter of balancing the practical necessities with the fun accessories. Here are some tips provided by the you will need to buy the right playset for your child.

1. Guarantee it is safe.

As parents, you put safety first and so do the playset makers. Making sure that the set is 100 percent safe is very important. You should buy those sets which are ultra-durable. Some companies even make sets that are able to withstand 2000 pounds of pressure which is way more than you will ever need. Don’t forget to buy swing sets that are high and heavy. Also don’t forget to conduct the “grab and shake test” with every potential playset.

2. Make sure there is enough room for everyone.

Kids can be very impatient and they don’t like to wait for their turn. Make sure you buy a play set that has enough play towers and swing sets so everyone can be included and none of your children and their friends feel left out.

3. Check if its maintenance-free.

Before buying the play set, make sure you ask a lot of questions about its maintenance. You should choose vinyl playsets over wooden playsets because wooden playsets need maintenance such as repainting it, while vinyl playsets don’t need any maintenance making it convenient for you.

4. See if there are multiple ways to play.

Always remember that before a playset, your kids can play with it in many different ways as it is important to keep interested in the playset. You should buy sets that include swings, slides and at least one play tower so the kids can enjoy activities, which require high energy, as well as, imagination games. Many companies make sets with a variety of fun accessories such as sandboxes, rock walls, lemonade stands, monkey bars and much more.

5. Make sure the kids love it.

Whenever you go to a store to buy a playset, don’t forget to take your kids. The playset is a gift to your kids and they need to love it. If they don’t love it then don’t buy it. If your kids think that the set looks boring or bland, listen to them and look for other playsets.

6. Avoid non-expandable swing sets.

Make sure you buy swing sets that are modular and expandable. Since your kid will also grow out of his/her shoes and he/she will need larger swing sets as he/she grows. Indoor kids swing is also a great option as it is safer for kids. Just make sure you order an indoor kids swing from a trusted seller.

7. Avoid vertical climbing and wooden dowels on your swing sets.

Make sure the playset you are buying doesn’t have any vertical climbing ladders or any wooden dowels. Playsets should have ladders leaned at a certain angle and have vinyl—coated pipe so your kid doesn’t take an expected tumble because the wooden dowels are easy to crack.

8. Read the warrant carefully.

Make sure you buy playsets that have non-prorated warranties.

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