How To Choose A Reliable Military Watch Strap


Over the years, there seem to be many ways you can affix your watch to your wrist. Whether it’s made of fabric, metal, rubber, or synthetic materials, the variety of watch straps have become limitless.

A person’s choice of watch strap may vary. They may select one based on their taste, the occasion they’ll be attending, or the nature of their occupation. An example of the last one is the military watch straps.

Years ago, watches were said to be critical necessities for those who do marine maneuvers and aircraft navigation. As a result, there are now plenty of military watch straps available in watch stores. But what exactly are the varieties of military watch straps?

Variations Of Military Watch Straps

classic military diver watch black dial and nato green strap

Whether you’re from the military or not, you can still buy ones like it. Anyone can reap the benefits of wearing a military watch strap. But finding the perfect one could be challenging, especially when you’re not familiar with the styles and differences between these watch straps.

But before that, here are the varieties of such a watch strap.

Original NATO Style

Introduced in 1973, it was said to be initially referred to as the ‘military strap’ as issued by the British Ministry of Defense. Mostly, it can be made of synthetic leather or nylon. A NATO strap is very lightweight and is believed to be sweat-absorbent, making it an excellent pick for those who often perspire.

Additionally, NATO straps offer varieties of colors and designs, and they can be found at any NATO Strap Store. These straps are also believed to have become increasingly popular because there are now plenty of stores that specialize in manufacturing them.

ZULU Style

ZULU straps are somewhat similar versions of the NATO straps. Their difference can be observed in their thickness and options available. Although both are pretty similar, the ZULU straps use thicker fabric and have a higher thread count.

You can buy ZULU straps in a 3-ring or 5-ring style. The former uses a single long strap with three round clasps, while the latter comprises one long strap with five round clasps.

What Matters In A Military Watch Strap?

Strap on a wristwatch over white background

Military watch straps come in different types, colors, the material used, and finishes. There could be a few rules in finding a good one. Various users have distinct needs, too. Therefore, its qualities and functionality are critical.

As you find the right strap for you, you’ll also learn that you can certainly stick to just a few styles that’ll fit your personality despite the vast options.

Here are some considerations when choosing a reliable military watch strap:

Women's watch with navy blue and white nylon strap, golden rings and eucalyptus on white marble background. Top view with copy space for text.

1. Consider The Toughness Of The Material And The Hardware

Aside from the watch itself, take time to check the toughness of the strap and its buckles. Although they’re just small parts of the watch, their durability makes up the total value of the accessory.

Ensure that your watch cases continue to remain on your wrist even if one of the spring bars breaks. This feature makes it an excellent option for any circumstance. An example of a tough and reliable military watch strap is the James Bond watch straps. They’re fairly believed to be flexible and durable when you use them for different activities

2. Material Matters

There are a lot of types of military watchbands. As mentioned earlier, they’re mostly made of leather or nylon. However, your pick is only a matter of personal preferences and the nature of your everyday activities. For example, if you operate in an office, you can opt for gold or white gold leather straps. But if you’re often outdoors, then nylon might be perfect for you.

3. Match It According To Your Personality

Choose a military watch strap that complements your personality, just as you would in picking your clothing. If you’re an athlete, you can choose sports watch straps as they’re meant for outdoor use. This means that if you want to give someone a military watch strap, make sure it matches their personality as well. If you do, they’ll think you considered their preferences and maybe they would like to wear it more often.

4. Pick Your Favored Size

Nobody wants to end up with a strap that isn’t the right size. Therefore, before selecting a watch strap, measure your wrist. Anything that’s too long could make your wristwatch appear cheap and bulky. If it’s too short, you’ll have to wear it tight, which will make it uncomfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts

Military watches come with a variety of strap choices. The tips mentioned and the variations introduced above are meant to guide your purchase of a military watch strap.

With these pieces of information, you’re giving yourself a chance to make an informed decision, allowing you to make the most of your military watch. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up confused or overwhelmed.

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