How to choose a vaping mod

Vape enthusiasts brought about the word mod to build and modify electronic cigarettes for their use. This grew the attention of manufacturers after its growing popularity and thus there was a mass production of such. Modified electronic cigarettes became widely available even to now. We have multiple varieties of mods in terms of type, shape, features, and brand. Most vape mods come with essentials like charging system, stealth mode, and all most of which you may not need. Therefore before you invest in any, you have to be sure that it has the features you need.

Continue reading and see some of the benefits and features of vaping modes

Variable wattage

There are varieties of vapes with different features where you can adjust the wattage that connects to your atomizer. When choosing a mode, you need to consider the power range and in this case, a wider range is better. However you need to be careful because most vapes don’t need anything high in power. If you are a fan of devices that have a lower wattage producing big clouds, then you have to go for higher power mods.

Temperature control

Choose a vape mod that that has functionalities helping you to set a specific temperature and not just specific wattage. This will ensure you don’t have dry puffs and you have the ideal flavor produced by the e-liquid. Check also the coils that make the TC vaping; the most common are titanium and stainless steel.

The output mode

Most modes come only with the temperature control mode, wattage, and sometimes ‘bypass’ mode. Look for mods with extra options like differing strength modes like Smok Alien 220. Setting the strength of the output to soft gives you a much gentler puff start while selecting a hard offers a harder -hitting vape. The normal output mode has great options if you’re looking for extra control over the experience.

Coil resistance Compatibility

Mods are designed so that they can support a wide range of tanks and atomizers and that means they are compatible with both higher and lower resistance coils. Lower resistance support is nowadays more relevant than the higher. TC coils have lower resistance and therefore most preferred- with this you don’t have to keep vaping at the same wattage.

Pass-through charging

This is a function that allows you to vape while charging the battery of your mod concurrently. This feature is very useful especially if you’re using the same device. Although the battery will take longer to charge, it means that you have something to vape every time.

Removable vs. inbuilt battery

What matters here is your preference, a mod with inbuilt battery is simple to use and this is what most newbies prefer. This mod uses USB to charge and when it is fully charged, you’re free to vape just like any other. When you have a spare battery, you are sure of a longer vaping time. When one runs out of charge, you can have the other and this means you don’t have interruptions.

When buying vape mods, you have to choose from reputable companies. Ask your friends for a mod company with a solid reputation for exceptional performance.