How To Choose An Electric Hoverboard Scooter?


It is possible to find a massive range of electric scooters with all kinds of features; deciding on one is particularly difficult in the market. If you want to choose the model that best suits your tastes and needs, it is essential to pay attention to some key parameters that will help you make a more appropriate purchase.


To choose a best electric scooters conveniently, the central aspect that you should look at is its power.

This parameter is expressed in Watts (W), and the more power the motor has, its behavior on steep slopes and its speed will improve considerably. A hoverboard for young children should have a medium ability so that its speed is more controlled and safer.

On other hand, if the device is for a young person or an adult, it is worth opting for more powerful models of at least 700 W that can move without considerable weight reaching high speeds.


Speed ​​is a factor that is generally associated with the power of the electric hoverboard. Standard devices can reach a speed of about 10 km / h.

On the other hand, high-end models and great powers can reach a maximum speed of up to 20 km / h on flat terrain. It is worth noting that both the weight of the user and the inclination of the terrain inf. They directly influence the speed and performance of the device.

However, there are compelling devices that reach an average speed on slopes of up to 15º. Choose an electric scooter hoverboard with speed suitable for your uses and needs.


Another parameter that you should evaluate is the capacity of its battery based on its autonomy.

Manufacturers often specify how long these vehicles can last in motion or how many kilometers they can travel before being fully unloaded.

Hoverboards with batteries of approximately 4,000 mAh can travel between 10 and 15 km. However, some models can last up to 3 hours in use and even reach 20 km in the distance. You should know that this performance will also depend on the speed at which it is used, the user’s weight, and the slopes of the terrain.

However, it is advisable to choose models with considerably short maximum charge times and have significant autonomy. For example, an electric hoverboard with good opinions regarding its autonomy is the SmartGyro X2 UL. This vehicle can travel up to 20 kilometers at an average speed of 10 km / h.


For the scooter to have good stability and a good contact surface with the pavement, it is best to opt for models with big and thick wheels made of resistant and quality materials.

The wheel’s diameter of most electric hoverboards is 6.5 inches, which can be used both on smooth floors and on dirt roads that do not have too many obstacles.

However, models such as SUVs have broader and larger wheels with better grip. These reach 8 inches in diameter and are ideal for children between 8 and 14 years of age. Although they are not that common, it is also possible to find 10-inch hoverboards with a greater load capacity and are perfect for use by an adult.


For the electric scooter to be safe enough, it must have approvals and certificates such as UL-2272 (USA) or SGS (Europe).

This guarantees that it complies with all manufacturing regulations and the equipment has a quality that has been checked. It is also crucial that the model includes auto-balancing features to make it easier to learn how to use them.

Hoverboard electric scooters models

It is easy to find different types of electric hoverboard scooters in the market that differ notably by their structure and design. These are the most popular models and their most relevant characteristics:

Off-road model

An all-terrain hoverboard is generally more robust and has more power than a classic model.

They have wide tires with diameters between 8.5 and 10 inches that allow you to move better on rough terrain and of different types such as gravel, snow, grass, sand, or asphalt. Besides, they tend to perform better on slopes of up to 30 degrees.

Model with seat

Hoverboards with a seat have an additional structure adapted utilizing straps with a third wheel and two side levers. Hoverboards with a saddle are also known as hover karts.

They are safer and easier to handle since you can drive them seated, incorporating universal elements such as adjustable seats and footrest to the classic model that add stability to the vehicle.

Handlebar model

A hoverboard with a handlebar is nothing more than a classic model. A vertical handlebar with a clamp in the middle of the platform is incorporated as an additional accessory.

This gives it a very similar appearance to the Segway style self balances.

The steering wheel is similar to that of an electric scooter and provides greater control and balance on the vehicle.

When choosing an electric hoverboard scooter, you should evaluate its power, speed, wheels, range, and safety. We recommend that you compare models, as this way you can choose a more suitable option according to your needs.

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