How to Choose Bowling Ball

Bowling is a popular game around the world. Bowling ball is the main component to bowl.  Bowling ball choice matters immensely for any bowlers. Bowling ball choice varies from person to person, men to women and adult to kids, etc.

Many players don’t know how to choose their bowling ball in the right way. I have pointed out some ideas for them. And if you want to buy a high-quality bowling backpack online, visit the given link.

1. Choosing bowling ball according to Age:

Age is the most important factor in choosing a bowling ball. Kids, Young players, or senior’s choice will never be the same.

  • Kids:

Generally, kid’s bone is weaker. They can’t lift the heavyweight thing.  So Kids age below 12 years should prefer lightweight bowling ball less than 10 lbs.

  • Adults:

Generally, an adult person can choose any ball, whether it is heavyweight or light. Make sure that the ball will fit them properly.  But they have to keep two things in mind to select the bowling ball. One is   comfort ability, and the other one is controllability. These are applicable for all ages and all skilled players.

  • Seniors:

Seniors have to be cautious while choosing a bowling ball. Usually, their physical condition is weaker. So they should prefer a lightweight bowling ball. But the elderly who have any medical issue should not bowl with doctor’s consult.

2. Choosing bowling ball with Skill:

Skill is essential while choosing a bowling ball. Beginner’s skill level is not the same as a pro bowler’s skill.

  • Beginners:

Beginners who are in the learning stage, they should choose lightweight bowling ball or bowling ball made out of polyester. This kind of bowling ball is less reactive and lightweight. They can easily control the ball. Dry lane is perfect for them.

  • Experienced Bowler:

Experienced bowler or pro bowler has the ability to choose their own bowling ball. Because they have already passed their trial and error period. However if you are still confused you should choose the ball which has high hook potential and perfect of medium to heavy oil lanes.

3. Choosing the bowling ball according to Lane Condition

Lane conditions play an important role in choosing a bowling ball. Bowling ball is designed based on different lane conditions.

  • Dry Lane:

Generally, the dry lane has a little oil or no oil. Use polished bowling ball for a dry lane.  The bowling ball, which has less aggressive backend reaction, is perfect for dry lanes.

  • Medium Oil Lanes:

The balls which have average hooking potential is suitable for medium oil lanes. Medium oil balls are used as a typical house shot. The bowler who is not too strong or too weak in the most oil lane conditions, they can use the medium oil ball.

  • Heavy Oil Lanes:

Oil is heavy in this lane condition. The most hooking potential bowling ball is used in heavy oil lane conditions. The bowling ball is a little expensive, but it is worth of value.   Heavy oil bowling balls are also used in long oil patterns or flat sports patterns. You have to choose the bowling ball which absorbs oil and roll smoothly in heavy oil conditions. You can see many bowling balls designed for medium to heavy oil lanes in the market.


After reading the article now, you can easily find your bowling ball according to your choice. There are unlimited bowling balls in the market. But choose bowling ball according to brands. There are many brands in the market. Pyramid, Brunswick, Hammer, Storm, Ebonite, etc. are notable among all brands. But again, if you are accustomed to one brand, stick to it.