How to Choose Boxing Shoes: A Complete Guide

When you’re getting all of your gear together as a novice boxer, one of the things most frequently overlooked is a good pair of boxing shoes. Not only are they essential for your performance, but also the health of your feet while dealing with a high-energy and high-impact sport such as boxing. It’s far too often that individuals believe they can use their regular sneakers for the sport; however, it’s highly advised that you invest in the proper equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Boxing Shoes?

If you’re still adamant about wearing your regular workout shoes for boxing, you could be missing out on a lot of speed and mobility to make your movements even more unpredictable while in the ring. Boxing shoes are made in a specific way to provide athletes with exceptional movement without the risk of injury, for example, being able to dodge strikes more naturally. Although boxing shoes won’t be the deciding factor of whether you’re a good boxer or not, they carry substantial weight in terms of your performance.

While on your feet and wearing these shoes, your steps will feel lighter and more effortless. You’ll also notice you have far more agility, which increases the likelihood of your crosses and hooks landing against your opponent. Also, it’s important to note that they are incredibly comfortable, especially when you’re training outside of the ring.

What to Look for in Boxing Shoes

Now that you have a clear idea of the most prevalent advantages of these specialty shoes, let’s get into the details of what you should be searching for while shopping. There are numerous features that the best pairs have to offer, and if you’re willing to invest in a great pair of shoes, they need to have all of the following traits.  Also, once you learned the qualities of a good pair of boxing shoes for you, better seek out reviews and buying guides to help you with your purchase. ShoeAdviser will provide you with essential information and a buying guide to help you decide which boxing shoes will make excellent gear for your feet.

1. Maneuverability and Stability

The two main things you should be searching for in a great pair of boxing shoes is the ability to grip onto surfaces while still having the lightweight maneuverability that you need for the sport. Any non-boxing pair of footwear will have a weak grip, which will prevent you from being about to pivot and stand firm while training or in a professional tournament. After wearing your first pair of boxing shoes, you’ll quickly understand how they are essential for allowing you to transfer your power effortlessly through every movement.

With that said, you won’t want to opt for boxing shoes that have too much grip since they won’t allow you to move as quickly. We highly recommend trying on different pairs to get a feel for them before making your final decision, as shoes that are too grippy can also be a tripping hazard.

2. Sole Design

The design of the sole of your shoe influences the comfort of your boxing shoes and performance. Every fighter has their own opinions in terms of what type of sole is best, as some prefer a thinner one since it helps them feel closer to the ground, while others like a thicker sole that provides more power. You will also find that some soles will be completely flat, which is ideal for using the ground for your power, while others will have ridges and bumps to offer more grip while you’re in the ring.

The heel construction is another significant part of the comfort of your boxing shoe, as some may feature a sole that wraps the entirety of your feet for superior stability, especially in your toe and heel areas. Other designs feature soft uppers, which have optimal comfort and may allow you to feel more mobile.

Overall, the shoes you choose should make you feel like you have the perfect combination of lightness and balance throughout the sole.

3. Support

Support revolves around many areas of your foot, but most specifically, your ankle and your sole. Ankle support is imperative for boxing, especially since you are always moving and require the ability to make agile movements without risking injury. Boxers are constantly changing angles, so you will need to make sure your shoes will support your every movement.

Good boxing shoes are available in three heights ranging from low to high, with low-tops being just tall enough to reach your ankles. The high-top designs may reach as high as your calves and are for people who want optimal support. With that said, some professionals find that high-top boxing shoes restrict their movements and prevent their legs from being able to move freely, which can be detrimental for their fighting style.

For a beginner, you may want to consider using mid-range boxing shoes since they’re tall enough for fantastic ankle support without restricting the capabilities of your lower legs. Your sole leads back to the design of the shoe’s bottom and how close to the ground you are. Fighters who have low arches may prefer to feel closer to the ground with a flatter sole, whereas those with higher arches may like a more cushioned bottom with optimal support.

Our recommendation is to buy a pair of shoes with a flat sole and then fit them with a custom insole, as the built-in insoles are typically removable. With this effort, you can make a more personalized fit with your shoes, so they work best for your specific fighting style.


From the aesthetic style of your desired boxing shoes to the way the sole is built will all weigh into how comfortable you feel while wearing them. Regardless if you are a trained veteran or if you are starting, it is highly recommended you invest in a high-quality pair of boxing shoes to improve your performance and protect the integrity of your feet and ankles.