How to choose caviar? – A Beginner’s Guide


This product is a delicacy that you should treat yourself to. You can easily do it with the online caviar store. You may think choosing is elementary, but it is far from it. First, you need to know from which species of fish caviar is produced. Sturgeon, beluga and starred sturgeon give black caviar. Then, we will explain in detail how to choose good caviar.

Valuable properties of black caviar

This product is very nutritious. The proteins in sturgeon caviar are about 30%. Therefore, it is a high indicator of products of animal origin. In addition, it is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, D, E, and organic iodine.

The right choice by the appearance

The appearance of quality caviar plays an essential role. The eggs must be separated as best as possible, one from the other. They should be perfectly round in a moderate amount of liquid without any mucus. Do not think such a product will be dark or almost black. Ideally, it should have a silvery or golden hue. This variant is the highest quality.

If the more mature fish gives caviar, it is much more valuable. Depending on the sturgeon species, it can be brittle or firm in texture: the more mature the fish, the larger and higher quality of the product.

To understand what good caviar should look like, check out the detailed photos in our online store.

Taste and smell: what you need to pay attention to

Not everyone can catch the aroma of quality caviar. It is very subtle and light and almost inaudible. If the caviar has a strong fishy flavor, it is spoiled or of poor quality.

The taste of real sturgeon caviar should be pleasant and delicate, with moderate saltiness. A bad sign is over-salted and pronounced bitter taste. Such a variant is not recommended to eat at all. It can be dangerous to your health. The natural product has a rich flavor, a nutty and creamy aftertaste, and a barely perceptible hint of bitterness. Our store works with the best legal suppliers of natural raw materials. We will always tell you how to choose caviar so you can buy it at our store confidently – you will be satisfied.

Remember, you do not eat this delicacy using a metal spoon. The contact with it spoils the whole range of flavors of the product. A spoon made of bone, glass, or mother of pearl is ideal. Gold or silver cutlery is acceptable.

Paying attention to the packaging

Black caviar is packaged only in glass and tin jars. The transparent container allows the buyer to consider the products for appearance, color, and correct size of the eggs. Moreover, the delicacy in such packaging can be stored for no more than two years.

The quality of the product in a tin can is much more challenging to check. When you shake the jar, its content is too “squishy,” and you feel an excessive amount of liquid, which means that the product’s quality is bad. Therefore, you should not buy it.

We offer a product of high quality and have the appropriate documents. For example, they state that the black caviar was extracted from fish that were raised in aquaculture.

How to buy caviar online and store after purchase? Important Tips

Bestar Caviar offers black caviar from sturgeon farmed in the pollution-free, crystal-clear waters of the Caspian Sea. It tastes great and has the perfect texture. It cannot be compared to anything else. We will tell you how to buy caviar online.

Choose our online store, and you will get high quality at affordable prices. Then, go to the product catalog and select the product you want to try. We also recommend buying dishes designed for proper serving not to spoil the truly delicious taste. Finally, place your order, and you will have your treat on your table soon. We guarantee that once you try this delicacy with fantastic taste, you will want to return to us more than once, and we will always be glad to see you.

Note! You know how to buy caviar, but before this, you need to learn several rules for further storage. To protect the product from loss of flavor, you should to adhere to simple steps:

  • the already opened jar must be stored only in the refrigerator;
  • never put it in the freezer; this will cause the eggs to stick together and lose their natural flavor;
  • to avoid the weathered product, do not keep it in an open container;
  • for better storage, it is recommended to put caviar from a tin can in glass utensils.

All these recommendations will allow you to enjoy the delicacy much longer.

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