How to Choose the Best Adjustable Weighted Vests for Workout?


Are you concerned about fitness, or are you a fitness freak? Then a weighted vest is something that you must try. It is just right for the bodyweight training workout. Weighted vests will boost the intensity and, at the same time, help to maximize physical development. If you wish to improve the lean muscle mass, these vests can be of real help. They add additional weight, offer overload, and increase calories, strength, and effort for the workout. To attain all these benefits, you need to invest in a good weighted vest and know more about weighted vests; visit

Pointers to Consider

Today weighted vests are available in different types, so you need to consider the following pointers to make the best bet.

  • Check the Fit – Generally, a weighted vest will fit over your shoulders. You can secure it withstraps, zips, or clips which rest on the design. Always choose a vest in which you can makesome form of adjustments regarding the fit as this way you can tighten it according toyour body shape. Although such vests have to secure yet at they same time should not be toostrict about restricting movement or impairing breath.
  • Comfort – Some vests are made of a suitable material yet do not ensure fitand comfort. It is not only the vest’s quality and durability that you need to considerbut also consider its fit and comfort. If you undervalue comfort, it will automatically limityour performance when you wear the gear. During a workout, you need to make bodymovements comfortably with the weighted vest.
  • Consider the Weight – A weighted vest must not weigh above 10% of the body weight. As perresearch, a weighted vest must be around 4-10% of the bodyweight. To enjoy maximum ROI, buy a weighted vest that will allow you at a low weight andadd more weight gradually over time. Always start small when you choose a weighted vest.Beginners should buy a vest that is 5-10 pounds.
  • Check the Different Types – Weighted vests are available in different types for women andmen, while most come in one-size-fits-all. Women can choose from two types of vests. Thefirst variety rides from the shoulder and offers firm external support, which provides posture about the shoulders. On the other hand, the second type crosses across the back and has straps in the front in the shape of Y that supports the chest and lets you enjoy the other perks of weighted vests.
  • Check the Material – Ensure to buy a weighted vest with a sweat and tearresistant fabric. For instance, you can choose meshy cloth instead of Kevlar as this offers acomfortable experience because it is antimicrobial and antibacterial. In the case of Kevlar, it isn’t easy to strap up, clean, and maintain. Also, check if the weight inside is made or coated ofneoprene material to prevent rust from setting as rusty weight may lead to dangerous infections, especially if it directly contacts the skin.

So next time you buy a weighted vest, consider these pointers and get the best.

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