How to Choose the Best Air Purifier for Home

The importance of a clean and pure air in homes cannot be overemphasized so every home needs an air purifier and the good thing is that there are very many of them in the market today. However, their quality and performance varies widely as well as their prices. What makes this a challenge is that the ones with higher prices do not always perform better than the less expensive ones. Moreover, the size of your home also plays a role in the kind of air purifier to purchase. So, it is not a good idea just to select an air purifier at random. This article gives you a few factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier for dust.

What to consider in an air purifier

Before buying any purifier, it is better to search online for comprehensive reviews on top air purifiers. You are more likely to get the best air purifier in the list. In addition, the reviews will guide on the features to look for in an air purifier. If you don’t check reviews, the first air purifier, you come across may seem to be the very best to you. So, here are the factors to consider in purchasing an air purifier.

Low operating costs

Filter replacement and energy consumption cover the major part of operating costs. You need to replace the filters of your air purifier at least, once in three months if you want utmost performance. To cut the cost of that, you may go for a purifier with reusable filters. You will only need to wash them and reuse them for several times before you eventually replace them. They will reduce your operating cost considerably.

For energy consumption, you should opt for an Energy Star certified model. Such models conserve energy so much. Using any of them will not create a spike in your monthly electricity bill.


Some air purifiers have higher noise level than others. So, you need to look for the ones with lower noise level. This may not be an issue if the air purifier is to be placed in the living room. But for your bedroom, you need to consider the noise level of your air purifier especially if you are a light sleeper. You need a very silent one for your bedroom.

The cost matters too

You probably can’t go for an air purifier that is costlier than your budget. So, you need to limit your search to the range within your budget. However, there is nothing wrong with saving a little more for a quality air purifier.

When you eventually buy an air purifier, there are a few tips to apply to make it even more effective. These tips can also help you maintain high indoor air quality even before you buy an air purifier. Here are the tips.

  • Ensure smoking is not done indoors.
  • Vacuum your apartment regularly and thoroughly.
  • Change the filters on your heating and cooling equipment regularly and make sure the equipment is always in top form.
  • Don’t store solvents, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals indoor.
  • Reduce the use of naked fire like wood fires and candles.

However, there are other features that are also important in an air purifier. These features are dirt sensor, remote control, ionizer, number of speeds, programmable timer and servicing indicator, but the three discussed in details above are the most important ones. Focus more on them and check out more at great sites like In other words, the primary factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier are operating cost, quietness, and affordability. Other factors/features are secondary.