How to Choose the Best Banjo Strings?

From the Cripple Creek by Lester Flatt to Foggy Mountain Breakdown by Earl Scruggs, banjos have been at the heart of many very famous songs over the years. The crunchy and sharp tone of the banjo gives songs a festive type vibe. Banjo is pretty versatile, and most of the banjo songs give you a happy, party sort of feeling. With the impressive sound played on the best banjo strings, you will fall in love with this instrument in no time.

What Is a Banjo?

Banjo is a musical instrument that first originated in Africa as early as the 1300s. It generally has a guitar-like neck, drum-like circular body, and 4 or 5 strings. The best banjo strings make a world of difference in terms of the music you can produce. You can choose to use either your fingers or a pick to pluck the strings. The body of the banjo generally consists of a rim that is either made of wood or metal and a tension head. The tension heads these days are generally made of different synthetic materials, and the neck of a banjo is made of a metallic truss rod.

Three Types of Banjos with Different Banjo Strings

The most crucial part of the banjo is choosing the best strings. Understanding the question “what is a banjo string” goes a long way toward it. Strings can be made of different things like nickel-plated steel and stainless steel. But there are different kinds of banjos depending upon the string setup, which means you have to notice the string numbers before choosing the best banjo strings. You can read more at Pro Music Vault for the Best Banjo For Beginners.

Four-String Banjo

Four-string banjos are the smallest of the bunch. They are generally played more like a ukulele in terms of a setup than a guitar. There are mainly 2 types of 4-string banjos, plectrum and tenor banjos. Tenor banjos are slightly shorter in size, while plectrum banjos are closer to a 5-string banjo. A flat pick is often used to play the tenor banjo. Traditional Jazz and Irish music are the best fits for tenor banjos.

Five-String Banjo

The 5-string banjo is the most widely used variant. These come with the most variation of music options as well. You can play jazz, rock, folk, and almost everything on a 5-string banjo. Some of these are designed with a standard open-back system, while the others come with a resonator. There are even electric 5-string options in banjos too. The standard 5-string banjo string order is G, D, G, B, D.

Six-String Banjo

If you are a guitar fan and trying to make your move into banjo, have a look at a 6-string banjo. They play exactly like a guitar but with the sound of a banjo. Like 5-string ones, there are options of open back and with resonator when choosing your 6-string banjo.

Six-String Banjo

How to Tune A 5-String Banjo?

As the 5-string banjo is the most widely used and considered the best banjo string for starters, let’s have a look into the 5-string banjo tuning order. The most common tuning option is open G. so the 5-string banjo tuning order looks like G, D, G, B, D (from 5th string to 1st).

For a slightly more classical theme, the 5-string banjo tuning order looks something like G, C, G, C, D (from 5th string to 1st). This is known as “Double C” tuning.

The “Drop C” tuning order in the 5-string banjo is G, C, G, B, D (from 5th string to 1st) as the 4th string is dropped down to a C.

Where to Find the Best Banjo Strings?

Where to Find the Best Banjo Strings

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Wrapping Up

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