How to choose the best gemstone beads?


It is not possible to guarantee that your gemstones will be 100% natural without taking them to a certified expert to have them examined under a microscope. You can still determine whether you are buying genuine gemstones or imitations by considering a few things when you shop for gemstones.

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These are some tips when shopping for gemstone beads and cabochons.


The better the information you have about the gemstones you buy, the more valuable it is. Look carefully at product descriptions. You want to find clear, open ones about the gemstone beads and cabochons they sell. Check the description to ensure the seller includes information about the source of the stones and where they were mined. It is important to know where the gemstone came from and how it was mined. You can then determine if it is genuine. Also, check if the description includes terms such as “dyed” and “manmade”. Many stones on the market appear to be genuine gemstones but are actually dyed or chemically treated stones that look and feel like natural gemstones.

Let’s say turquoise is an example. There are many gorgeous turquoise beads on the market. However, did you know that about 90% of these beads and other products don’t contain turquoise? These beads look beautiful and almost exactly like the real thing. However, they are dyed magnesite or howlite. An absorbent white stone called howlite is dyed turquoise-colored. A retailer selling dyed howlite should clearly state that. If you want genuine stones, make sure you do your research and read all information about the product. Pay attention to the description, check for the stone’s origin, and avoid keywords such as “manmade” or “dyed.”


A product’s price is often an indicator of whether it is real or fake. Ever wanted to buy something, but the price was so low that it made you wonder if it was good? This question is often asked when buying gemstone beads and cabochons. The price point for authentic gemstones is higher than imitations because they are rare and unique. Real turquoise, for example, is rare and can only be found in 10% of the market, so it has a high price. It could also be a dyed or altered stone. Research the prices of gemstones before you make a purchase.


The color and appearance of gemstones are important considerations. African Opal is a true natural gem. They were only cut, polished, and mined. Each stone and bead is unique and will have blemishes and flaws. You can feel the grooves and divots of an authentic stone by running your fingernail across it.

You may find gemstone beads that are particularly bright, shiny, vibrant, smooth, and shiny, like Mixed Agit. This is a sign that these beads have been dyed or altered. Let’s look at goldstone as an example. Goldstone is an extremely sparkly, copper-colored stone that is made to look like Sunstone, but it is not a real stone. To give goldstone its sunstone-like appearance, it is made of glass with copper infused. When shopping for gemstones, be mindful of their overall appearance. Avoid bright, colorful strands.


Trustworthiness is the last and most important aspect of purchasing genuine gemstones. Reputable dealers will verify that all the boxes are checked. A dealer should give a detailed product description and be open about the stones’ origins. They should also disclose whether the stones are made of composite stones or if they have been chemically altered. Don’t trust sellers who aren’t forthcoming with this information. Check out the sales reviews to learn more about the seller. Reviews from customers are a great way to learn more about a seller. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller for additional information. Good vendors should be available to answer your questions about their products.


There are many stunning gemstone beads and Cabochons with hundreds of colors, styles, and cuts to choose from. Take your time when buying authentic beads. This will allow you to make informed decisions and ensure that you get exactly what you need. BeadsofCambay offers hundreds of options for jewelry-making beads and beading supplies, including high-quality rondelle beads, freshwater pearls, and much more. 

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