How To Choose The Lightweight Work Pants for Hot Weather

Many people work so hard in the summer at outdoor. When people work outdoor in summer, they need the gear that is lightweight enough and breathable enough. Otherwise, they don’t feel comfortable at work especially in summer. An outdoor worker such as a construction worker works under the hot weather and they also equipped with safety gear such as helmets, hand gloves, work boots, etc. A lightweight work pants for hot weather is a must for them. It is a very important gear for them as like as how important a lightweight work shirt for them.

Without a work shirt and work pants for hot weather, they do not completely feel comfortable. Workwear is designed to make you comfortable in a tough situation like hot weather. You will learn here about the hot weather workwear. When an outdoor worker works under the hot sun, if they don’t wear a lightweight work pant and lightweight work shirt, they feel tired within a short time. Because all of the work pants and work shirts are not lightweight and breathable.

How To Choose Lightweight Work Pants for Hot Weather?

Who doesn’t want to make their working place comfortable? If you want to feel comfortable in hot weather then you need to invest in lightweight workwear. So you have to find work pants that are not only lightweight but also enough breathable.

It is not so easy to find the lightweight work pants for hot weather. There are some important factors that you obviously need to consider before choosing the lightweight work pants for hot weather. Here have some important considerations that you need to consider a must. If you carefully read this article then you will be able to choose the right work pant for hot weather.

Materials: Materials is the most important things to make the lightweight work pant. If the materials are not lightweight and quick drying then the pants won’t be lightweight and perfect for the hot weather. Right materials are very important to get the comfortable work pants. Materials can be varying depending on the weather. If you want work pants for cold weather then you need the materials that can keep you warm in cold weather such as wool or polyester. But when you need a work pant for hot weather then you must go to the cotton. 100% cotton materials are lightweight and comfortable for the hot weather. But in the extreme hot weather condition, it cannot keep the moisture away from your body. Cotton cannot dry quickly when it gets wet.

In that condition, a polyester material can do the best job. It is also a lightweight and quick drying material. It can quickly wick away the moisture from your body. When you get wet by sweating, It dries quickly and helps to make you cool in hot weather. So, before choosing a lightweight work pants for the hot weather, keep it in your mind that you have to choose a materials that are lightweight.

Quick Drying: When you work in a hot weather condition, sweat is a simple matter that you must face. If you wear work pants that can’t absorb the sweat then you feel uncomfortable in that situation at your work. It makes you tired and prevents you to get the job done well. While you choose a lightweight materials but it must have the ability to wick the moisture and keep you dry quickly. Though cotton is the best materials for hot weather but a combination of polyester, cotton and spandex are the best choice for the extreme hot weather.

Breathability: If you wear a work pant that is a tight fit and not breathable then you cannot feel comfortable in the hot weather. You need a lightweight work pant, as well as focus on the breathability. Without enough breath your sweat not dries quickly. To get the cooling effect, sweats have to dry. So, you need enough airflow inside of the pant. You know that all lightweight fabrics are not breathable. Cotton is the best breathable material.

Design and Shape: Not only lightweight fabric, you have to consider the design and shape of the pants. A hot weather work pant should be designed in such a way that allows enough airflow inside. A well designed work pant keeps you cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Colors: Colors are another important thing to consider for the lightweight work pant for hot weather. Some colors are able to keep you cool on hot weather; on the other hand, some colors are making you hot by absorbing the sunlight. A light color can keep you cool and deep color makes you hot. It is the magic of physics. Light color can reflect the sunlight and deep color absorb the heat. So, it is important to choose a light color from hot weather.

UPF Protection: Sunlight can burn your skin and it causes many skin diseases. Before choosing the lightweight work pant, look at the feature, and try to find work pants that can provide you protection from the harmful UV rays.

Not Sticky: A sticky work pant holds you led tight and stop the air circulation inside the pant. It will make you uncomfortable while you working under the hot weather condition. So, try to choose a work pant that is not sticky at all.

Some Additional Tips to Hot Weather Working

  • Try to opt for the chinos except jeans. They are enough lightweight, enough breathable, and comfortable.
  • Choose a lightweight and breathable work shirt for hot weather. A long sleeve work shirt can cover your maximum body.
  • Normally work boots are heavy but some lightweight and durable work boots are available. Keep them on your list.
  • Some lightweight work pants offer UPF protection. Try to opt for them.

Who Make The Best Lightweight Work Pants for Hot Weather?

You can find several brands that make the lightweight work pants that are perfect for the hot weather. They have many cheap options but the quality of their pants is questionable. Here is the list of some popular brands; you can rely on their quality.

  • Dickies
  • Carhartt
  • Timberland
  • Wrangler RIGGS
  • Journeyman
  • Red Kap

What is the coolest fabric for hot weather?

All fabrics are not good for hot weather. There are a few types of fabric materials that are perfect for the hot weather. These are below

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Rayon
  • Chambray/Denim
  • Wool
  • Silk

Do Pants Keep You Cooler Than Shorts?

A lightweight long work pant can keep you cool and protect your skin from the sunlight when you are under the direct sunlight. It works as a shield to your skin. Work shorts are good for that situation when you work under the shade in hot weather. It allows enough airflow and keeps you cool. A long pant and short pant have different functionality depending on the weather and situation.

Final Words

End of the article we want to say that, in the summer a lightweight work pants and a work shirt are the perfect combination for the workers. After reading this article you already learned how to choose the lightweight work pants for hot weather. I suggest you do not go to the cheap brands. Don’t ruin your work environment by saving a little money. Cheap products are always not good. They cannot able to give you proper quality.