How To Choose The Perfect Photo For Custom Diamond Painting


If you want to turn your precious photo into a custom diamond painting, this fun activity is sure to add a lot of fun to your life. You can have the opportunity to customize this personalized diamond painting with your loved ones, doing so not only preserves your precious photos in another long-lasting way, but also customizes your favorite memories into unique , these will be your most unique masterpieces and meaningful, you can purchase Cheap Diamond Art Kits to help you perfect the process of diamond painting creation.

Since this is a custom diamond art kit, if you are going to choose your own photos to make a diamond painting, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind during the process to ensure that it will help you make your diamond painting more perfect.

Photo Type

Before making a diamond painting, it is important to choose the right type of photo. The more complex the image, the more challenging the painting. Many details and small objects represent different colors and small parts, which will make the canvas more complex. Conversely, a simpler image with less detail will create a more appealing diamond painting. The background of a diamond painting is also important in the overall look, generally a simple and blurred background is used so that the subject of the picture appears to stand out more without losing sight of the main focus of the image.

Photo Quality and Resolution

To create the perfect custom diamond painting, high quality and high resolution photos are essential. More pixels in an image yield better detail, and when zooming in, it should preserve depth, focus, and brightness. And it is recommended to take high-resolution photos in a well-lit situation, which will look clearer and more delicate, and it is easier to print and color on the canvas.

Image Brightness and Color

Custom diamond painting images should be taken in a well-lit area, resulting in brightly colored photos. Because any blurred parts may have multiple mixed colors of the same color family, it will look a little weird when making a diamond painting. Because so many shades don’t blend well in a diamond painting, since each diamond bead is individually colored, the blurry image just ends up making the diamond painting a little harder to make. Also, if the people, subjects and colors in the photo are too complex, this will also affect the clarity and brightness of the image on the Diamond Canvas, so the image should have a uniform background and subject.

Composition and Size

Generally, diamond paintings are displayed indoors. When choosing images, you should also consider the placement of the diamond paintings after they are created. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a diamond painting frame and display area, as long as it remains aesthetically pleasing. The color of the frame should match the finished diamond painting, and the frame material should be strong and durable, which will enhance the life of the diamond painting. In addition, the size of the custom diamond painting should be selected according to the size of the canvas and the final position. Some of the most commonly used sizes are 20*20cm, 40*40cm, 60*60cm and 80*80cm.

These are the important things for you to choose the right photo for custom diamond painting, you can follow the above tips to get some useful diamond painting tips from custom diamond painting, you can also buy Custom Diamond Painting Kits for Sale from as a gift for your loved one.

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