How to choose the right cannabis consumption method

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants in the world and there are a variety of different ways to consume it. You can smoke dry herbs, vape concentrates, or even eat raw flowers. Each method of consumption offers its own unique benefits as well as drawbacks whether you are consuming recreationally or medically. This blog aims to help you choose a consumption method that works best for you. You need to understand your individual needs before you decide the type of cannabis product you are going to use. Some people might want to consume to relieve themselves from pain, while others may consume to simply relax after a stressful workday. Some people just love having a beautiful, artistic piece of device that makes a pure enjoyment of their smoking session, and if you’re one of those people you might want to check the Daily High Club. This online retailer will provide you with a fully customized piece no matter if you prefer a pipe or a bong, and you can see the full offer on Understanding what you need from your cannabis experience will help you decide which product will provide that benefit most effectively without any unwanted side effects. Here is what to keep in mind.

How active are you?

The first thing you need to take into consideration is how much you consume because each method of consumption caters to different needs. For example, if you are very active, you should avoid consuming via dab rigs or desktop vaporizers because they require time to set up and they are not portable or convenient. Setting up a dab rig is a long process and you are restricted to home use which is the same case with a desktop vaporizer that uses electricity as a power source and is large. The ideal consumption method for someone who is an active consumer is a dry herb vaporizer because it is portable and convenient. Tinctures, sublinguals, and pills are also a good method of consumption for an active user.

How much do you consume?

Another important factor is how much cannabis you consume because different devices have different chamber sizes. Dry herb vaporizers for example have small chambers and require a small amount of bud per session whereas edibles can deliver a lot of THC and the effects are much stronger and longer-lasting. Take note that when consuming edibles, the effects take much longer to kick in but once they do you can stay high for upward of 12 hours and it is common for the effects to be carried into the next day even if you sleep in the interim. With this knowledge, it is important to avoid consuming too many edibles because the high levels of THC and the high potency will result in a very lethargic and sleepy feeling consuming your mind and body. This will make it impossible for you to be productive or even function properly.

Do you mind cleaning?

Some methods of consumption require regular maintenance and you will need to clean the device. Dab rigs, bongs, and dry herb vaporizers are devices that require regular maintenance and if you want to completely avoid that, opt for edibles, tinctures, topicals, or pills because these require no cleaning. Below are the different methods of consumption and the level of cleaning you will be required to do:

  • Dry herb vaporizer: This method will require you to frequently clean the chamber to ensure it stays working at the most optimal level. With some devices, it is recommended that you soak your vaporizer in an alcohol-based solvent for 24 hours to give it a thorough clean.
  • Bong: Before you use a bong, you will need to empty the water port and refill it with clean water. You will also need to clean out the chamber because, over time, ash residue can clog the chamber.
  • Dab rig: with this device, there are many components and during a cleaning session, you will need to torch your nail because this is the simplest way to clean it, soak the nail, empty the water, add alcohol to clean it properly, shake the device and rinse.

Do you prefer convenience?

You need to consider that each method offers a different level of convenience. Some consumption devices have a bigger battery which can be used for a longer period and some devices have bigger chambers which allow for more substance. Edibles are famous for allowing you to experience the effects for much longer than other methods.