How to Choose the Right Event Management Company for Your Real Estate Exhibitions/Events


When you decide to organize an event, you have two options: to do it all by yourself or hire an event management company. If you don’t have prior experience in managing events then prepare yourself for a rigorous process. However, in case you have decided to hire an agency then there are again a few things you need to know.

Hiring an event management agency for your event saves time and makes your events more professional, organized, and attractive. But there are many agencies, how do you choose the one that can really add value? Follow these tips by TruHome Property Solutions to know more.

1. Check their Portfolio

Experience matters a lot in choosing the right agency because event management is a skill that can be gained only through practical exposure. Ask for video presentations and references to their past work. Having a professional presentation can be one of the indicators of the seriousness of the firm itself.

2. Relevant experience

Event management is a niche-specific business. It is very rare that agencies are specialized in all domains. Look for agencies who are specialized in what you need. So check their past work and the domains in which they have managed events. If they manage real estate-related events and exhibitions then you can definitely consider them.

3. Qualifications

You want someone who has professional knowledge and experience to manage your events. Although they don’t have professional degrees, they should possess some certifications and diplomas in event management which helps them gain basic knowledge in the field. If you are looking for an SEO expert then you want a qualified digital marketing expert, likewise, you need qualified people to manage your event.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials from their happy clients mean that they have done good work in the past and you can expect them to do the same in the future. They should proudly show their previous work and testimonials. If they aren’t, then don’t shy away from asking them. You can also contact their clients to know about the service of the agency, this way you can get a better idea of the company overall.

5. Budget flexibility

Know market prices for event management in the real estate niche and enquire about a few agencies and then finalize. If the agency is quoting a very high price then you have to rethink before signing them. If you are tight on budget, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for low-quality work. You can hire an agency that is within your budget and offers decent quality work.

6. Quality equipment

If the event needs all projectors, lights, and sound systems or some more specific equipment, ask if the company owns such equipment and if it provides the services. Otherwise, you will have to do that part of the job by yourself. Also, ensure all their equipment has good quality and would be suitable for your event.


Although there are many event management agencies, look for what you want in them and if their working style aligns with your goals and objectives. Choose an agency that satisfies most of your requirements. Event companies Singapore ensure each step of your event is expertly planned, managed, and run. They do everything that you expect from an agency. Check their website to know more details.


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