How to Choose the Right Tires Online Canada


A lot of drivers think that the only thing they need to know before buying new tires online Canada is the make, model and size. However, there are more factors to take into consideration to ensure that you and your car are prepared for any type of road or weather conditions.

In the following blog, we shall provide you with tips on how to wisely purchase tires online Canada. With winter fast approaching, you want to be sure that your vehicle is prepared for the harsh weather conditions that come with Canadian winters.

Tips for Buying Tires Online Canada

1. Your driving style plays a huge role in what type of tires you will need.

For drivers that prefer a quiet and comfortable drive, shop for Canada online tires that advertise factors such as low road noise, comfort or a “smooth ride.” Typically, these means tires with lower speed ratings such as S, H, or T ratings as these are designed for comfort rather than speed.

More “adventurous” drivers should shop for those tire brands that boast of qualities such as “precision steering” or “superior handling.” Most commonly, these are referred to as high-performance tires as they have higher speed ratings meaning they are designed to give the driver more control for a firmer, more fastidious ride.

2. Take into consideration the type of roads you are travelling most often.

Different roads directly affect the type of tire you should choose for your vehicle. If you are a mainly a highway driver, you should

For mainly road or highway driving, look for tires that ensure optimal braking distance that can handle both wet and dry road conditions. As such, your tires online Canada should have superior grip and stability to ensure a safe width under any weather conditions. In addition, your tires should provide you with comfort when it comes to noise level and vibration.

Those who drive mostly on unpaved roads such as the country or mountains should search for tires that are designed specifically for maximum durability for off-road traction. A city driver, on the other hand should look for tires that are fuel efficient, enhanced longevity and superior braking distance for all weather circumstances.

3. The weather conditions where you live and drive the most are of critical importance when purchasing tires online Canada.

For the best safety and performance, you need to purchase tires that are able to handle every type of weather condition from rain to snow to sleet and even extreme heat or cold. Every type of weather affects the performance and condition of your tires. As such, you need to make sure that your tires can handle the weather conditions where you drive most frequently as well as extreme weather.

Types of Tires

  • Performance Tires: These tires are manufactured with control and handling as their main selling points. Due to the extreme grip of the tread compounds as well as stiff sidewalls, they offer superior cornering and traction for driving on both dry and wet roads. However, keep in mind that performance tires do not have as long of a lifespan as other types of tires.

  • All-Terrain Tires: All-terrain tires are ideal for SUV and truck drivers who do a lot of off-roading. Designed with forceful tread patterns and special compounds to ensure that they are highly durable, they are able to handle snowy and muddy conditions. Keep in mind that they can be quite noisy when you are driving at a higher speed. As well, their traction is not as good on paved roads as on dirt roads. Always check to see if the sidewalls on your all-terrain tires have a snowflake symbol to signify that they are suitable for winter weather conditions.
  • Winter Tires: Winter tires are ideal for those drivers in Canada that are mainly driving on icy and snowy roads. They are designed with unique compounds that are made to improve handling, tracking and braking when the temperature drops below +7C. Look For the mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall of the tires to ensure that they are indeed winter tires and therefore have been approved by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.
  • All Season Tires: All season tires are ideal for safe and comfortable driving in the Fall, Summer and Spring. However, these tires are not ideal for winter weather conditions as they are not designed with the enchanted traction that is equipped on winter tires.

Before you purchase tires online Canada, consider these factors. Also look at reviews and compare several tire dealers before making your decision.

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