How to Combat with Travel Pitfalls


Whether you are a bright-eyed novice to traveling or a veteran of many adventures here and abroad, you should always prepare for the unexpected travel pitfalls that may arise. Traveling to places you’ve never been before, it’s very rare that someone gets everything right the first time. There’s always going to be something, big or small, that happens which makes the trip less than perfect. For veterans in the vagabond game, some still lack the foresight and wisdom to be prepared for such incidences. But you don’t have to make that same mistake. Whether it’s the first time trekking to distant shores or your thousandth go travelling, make an effort to prepare yourself by learning how to combat travel pitfalls.

 How to Combat with Travel Pitfalls

Knowing Your Enemies

The War Manual of Sun Tzu is usually paraphrased or quoted for mundane things, but for good reason: there’s wisdom in that text. This is also the case with knowing how to combat travel pitfalls. And the most basic one is this: knowing your enemies. And what are those enemies in this case? They are complacency and lack of preparation. It is not unusual to find even the most grizzled adventurer caught with their pants down in the middle of a vacation because he or she didn’t think about what might happen in the middle of their merriment.

Picture this: you’re on the beach of faraway Bali or the Maldives. You’re getting that much needed R&R away from the worries of everyday hustle and bustle. Piña colada in hand, basking in the sun, and very pleased with yourself that you decided on this trip. After a most relaxing day, you head back to your hotel or resort and check your wallet or purse… and your cash and credit cards are missing. You panic and run back to where you were when you last saw them, searching to no avail.

They might have been swept by the waves when you waded in the waters nonchalantly or they might have been stolen while you were briefly sprinting with other folks as you were returning to your temporary home away from home. Now what? Did you cover yourself with travel insurance for such a case? Did you have the foresight to have the ability to get online personal loan for travel expenses? Did you leave a stash of cash in your room or pay for a safe deposit box? This is just one scenario that can have many variations, but you’d be surprised at how many are lackadaisical with preparing for it, either due to being naïve or overconfident.

Be Prepared

Knowing that you shouldn’t be complacent or be ill-equipped for possible uncomfortable situations, you should keep the Boy Scout credo in mind: always be prepared. There’s no such thing as being too prepared. If you can spare the time and effort, go through the most common scenarios that travelers like yourself may encounter.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Never have just enough money on for the round trip, expenses, and incidental purchases (i.e. souvenirs, knick-knacks, etc.). Best practice is to have a budget and at least half of that at the ready.
  • Have a means of getting emergency funds. Whether it’s the ability to get a cash advance online or contact a reliable source nearby, being able to acquire funds after unforeseen mishaps can be a lifesaver.
  • Learn about common health issues. If you’re going to an unfamiliar place, you should know what illnesses or maladies are common there. Diarrhea, influenza, respiratory infections, and dengue – these are some common health concerns in popular vacation spots across the globe.
  • Pay for the extra insurance. Travel insurance is viewed as a scam by some people, but it’s something better to have when you will probably not need it, than not having it when you do.

Win Against Travel Pitfalls

When you get down to it, extra safety precautions that you take based on these suggestions mentioned should be standard practice, if not now then later. Don’t be a victim of your own lack of preparation. You’re going out there traveling to have a well-deserved respite. Don’t let travel pitfalls ruin the experience for you or your companions. Be like a seasoned warrior in knowing how to combat travel pitfalls and you can go forth anywhere armed with the confidence that you’re ready for them.


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