How to Compute the Personal Injury Compensation for Car Crash in Houston?


Car accidents are much more common than you think. People tend to assume that extremely bad things are unlikely to happen in their lives. That’s why when they’re involved in a car collision, it becomes a very traumatic experience.

When you happen to be caught in a car accident, whether you believe it’s your fault or the other driver’s, make sure to contact one of the car accident lawyers in Houston who is experienced right away. Those who have the presence of mind to do so can have their rights protected as a result.

Who is Liable for the Personal Injury and Property Damage Costs?

Texas is among the many states that practice At-fault insurance. In simplest terms, this refers to your right to sue the other party.

Houston, like the rest of Texas, employs modified comparative negligence in ascertaining fault. If the blame for the car crash is 50-50, then you can’t file compensation claims against the other party.

If the other party is more responsible for the accident that had caused a personal injury, they shoulder the costs involved in your hospitalization through their liability insurance. Therefore, you must contact car accident lawyers in Houston as soon as you can. The first few moments following the car crash are crucial in gathering the necessary proof to back your claims.

How Much Will I Get in Personal Injury Claims?

According to the Department of Texas Insurance, the minimum insurance coverage for personal injury per person is $30,000, but it won’t exceed $60,000 per incident. Meanwhile, the minimum amount for property damage is $25,000.

In Texas, the law requires a minimum of $30,000 coverage per person for the injuries, up to $60,000 per accident, and coverage for the property damage as well. This is called 30/60/25 coverage.

You might think that’s sufficient, but it’s really not, especially if you’re involved in a multiple-vehicle accident. The problem is when the other driver’s car is totaled, or the car crash results in death.

Once you exceed the cost of your liability insurance, you will pay for the amount out of your pocket. The other party can also sue you.

Average Cost of Settlement

The national average settlement cost for car accidents is around $21,000. Most expenses don’t fall below $14,000.

A simple is to multiply the amount that you already spent by three. Say, you spent $10,000 on hospital bills, lost income, repairs, etc. the settlement amount should be $30,000.

How Lawyers Can Help

You should understand that insurance companies would like nothing more than having to pay you the least amount as possible.

They will try to burden you with all justifications and technical terms to confuse you. In the end, you will get less than what you deserve. The worst part is that they have a team of attorneys on their payroll, which can be a daunting experience. Thus, you need your own lawyer who represents you.

Although personal injury compensation from insurance has set limits, computing damages is not an exact science. There are so many variables to consider, such as the severity of the accident, the gravity of the injury, and lost wages, among others.

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