Nowadays, everyone is fond of using the internet, all the time, anywhere. Not only kids and adults, but even elderly people can’t live without their smartphones. Everyone wants to be entertained, no matter how: by playing video games, chatting, watching cringe TikTok videos, or swiping Instagram photos. Each of us has found different ways to keep themselves busy. However, it depends on them whether they waste time or gain something from it.

The most common way people use to keep themselves full of activity is by watching videos of a different genre or by skimming tons of news. This helps to keep their minds updated.

While visiting websites, internet surfers are forced to watch diverse types of commercial content that keeps occurring on the screen even after closing it countless times. However, this stressful experience can be avoided by using AdLock.


Crunchyroll is an American publisher and distributor founded by a group of University of California graduates in 2006. As of today, Crunchyroll is a licensed company that delivers high-quality live streaming and chatting services, and stores thousands of animes, mangas, and doramas in their vault. 

Crunchyroll unites over 50 million users worldwide. Being a member of the Association of Japanese Animations, it offers over 900 anime shows and more than 200 Asian doramas as an official content distributor. However, some playlists are not available worldwide due to license and copyright restrictions and regulations.

Crunchyroll surpassed 1 million subscribers in February 2017.


Long unskippable ads on Crunchyroll is not a new problem. For several years in a row, Crunchyroll viewers have complained that commercials turn their watching leisure into a sales pitch. There was an occasion when failed targeting resulted in serving menopause medication and erectile dysfunction ads to their viewers.

Every 30-minute video contains 6 minutes of adverts, and every 40-minute video has 9 minutes of commercials in it. Every time you watch favorite series, you’ve got to sit through different ads embedded at the same minutes of the episode. Same stuff every time. People get exhausted.

To relieve users’ stress, Crunchyroll offers an ad-free premium subscription; the price for this option varies from $6.95/month to $79.99/year. 

Since intrusive and annoying advertising is a long-standing problem, even famous magazines publish articles concerning blocking ads on various live streaming services. 


This is where AdLock gets into business. There is no other service in the world capable of blocking ads as skillfully as AdLock does. It allows users to prevent the loading of page elements that contain advertisements, therefore, to enjoy adless content.  AdLock is free of charge for a 14-days trial for newcomers to experience its advantages first-hand. The developer’s policy is simple — they let users see the true value of our product and then decide whether to buy it or not. The full-featured AdLock application is available for Android devices (5.1 and higher) and Windows-driven computers. As of macOS and Safari users, the application is under development, but you can grab an AdLock browser extension.

The good thing about Crunchyroll is that they only promote themselves. The bad thing is these ads are unskippable.


There are two ways to block commercial content from appearing on Windows-driven computers, which are:

  • Ad-blocking extensions;
  • Ad-blocking applications;
  • Diverse customly-written user scripts.


The easiest method from the list above is the one with browser extensions. There are dozens of ad-blocking extensions for any popular browser — Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera. All you need to equip your browser with an advert blocker is to visit the extension/add-on store and install the chosen product. Browser extensions are pretty efficient in removing ads, but their functionality is limited.

Talking of user scripts, it would be fair to note that they are usually written specifically for separate websites. This implies you should install over a dozen scripts to cut off ads on your favorite sites. Yep, it’s kinda easy, but there’s a catch. Oftentimes scripts stop working because of obsolescence — those enthusiasts who wrote the script stop maintaining them.

The most reliable and complex solution that would guarantee perhaps even 100-year service is a full-featured ad-blocking application.


A versatile ad-blocking application is a real godsend for Windows users suffering from diverse types of advertising penetration.  AdLock is second to none in its class. It’s a sophisticated product encompassing robust functionality and an intuitive user interface.  

It doesn’t matter whether it is a banner, pop-up, or video/audio advert — AdLock slays them all. Also, AdLock is quite efficient in killing redirects and all sorts of malicious requests from untrusted sources.

On top of traditional ad-blocking services, it features Anti-tracking services removing all forms of online tracking scripts run by Google, Facebook, etc. and has a filter list that is even larger than that of AdGuard and Ghostery.

The company behind AdLock is responsible for developing a robust product with an abundant list of filters, sustainable data security, multilingual interface, and frequent updates.

One product solves all ad-related problems.


Just like Windows application, AdLock for Android is a standalone application that works systemwide. It makes all browsers, apps, games, and instant messages utterly and completely free of commercials.  What is more important, it requires no root operations — download, install, adjust, forget about ads. AdLock application supports the majority of handheld Android devices, including smartphones and tablets (Android 5.1 and above).

That’s it. Choose the best product on the market — AdLock.