How to Create Condos & Co-ops People Will Want to Live in


Buying a house or an apartment has gone past just merely scrolling through properties on a screen to being particular about fine details like the nature of the experience you will get once you move in. New condo owners now want more than just a roof over their heads. They want comfortability, safety, proper maintenance, and a real connection with the building. Creating that feeling of being at home in your new condo can be challenging but not impossible.

There are a few ways Brooklyn property management companies can elicit this warm and welcoming experience for their new residents that is just simply second to none.

What makes a building attractive to potential residents? 

In this day and age, it takes more than a gorgeous exterior to attract and retain residents. There are important factors that potential resident’s lookout for that will convince them a particular property is right for them. From having basic interaction with the staff in the building to having the building manager offer to check in on your apartment when you’re out of town to water your plants, these factors will not only pique the interest of potential residents but will also maintain it. Here are some other factors that serve as basics for every property:

1. Cleanliness

Nobody wants a dirty building. It’s an instant turn-off, irrespective of whatever the building has to offer. This is why building managers must invest in cleaners, sidewalk crew, trash can disposals, etc., to ensure the building maintains a standard of cleanliness.

2. Reliable, proactive maintenance 

One major reason for buildings deteriorating over a short period is because building managers typically take a reactive approach to the maintenance of their buildings rather than a preventive one. These building managers need to pay close attention to the state of equipment and appliances in and around the house to effectively plan repairs and upgrades if the need arises.

3. A sense of community 

Nothing screams comfort like being surrounded by neighbors and friends you have a good relationship with. Fostering a sense of community with people around you is paramount to feeling comfortable in your condo. Creating fun community events is one way to achieve this. This creates a positive environment around your living space and ensures you feel comfortable enough with your neighbors.

4. Automated services and apps 

Although we are thriving in a technologically driven age, buildings have for a long time been on the back end of most technological innovations. Most people looking to move into new properties look for ones with app-based accessibility. This is mainly for security reasons with its real-time tracking and quicker communications that come with the technology.

Data shows that board members and residents will appreciate their building even more with more innovative and forward-thinking solutions to any safety or security questions. For potential buyers, these technological solutions add value to the property. This value attracts more suitable residents that will definitely want to make your building their home.


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