How To Create The Most Relaxing Bedroom Possible


Unlike the other key spaces of your home that buzz with activity – kitchen, dining, living, home office, etc – the bedroom has a comparatively quieter role. Other rooms are for day and evening activities, and abuzz with life’s hubbub. On the other hand, the bedroom is for the night hours. As you will agree, after the rush of the day, your bedroom should be so relaxing, so calming to the senses, that sleep comes naturally, gently and soundly.

So, how do we create a bedroom that’s relaxing? From mounting blackout custom drapes to inviting soothing fragrances into your bedroom, here are some time-tested ideas to make this space an oasis of calm.

1. Keep the bedroom clean and decluttered.

You can’t sleep unless your mind is calm and you can’t have a calm mind in chaotic surroundings. So, the very first step in creating a relaxing bedroom is to keep it clean and uncluttered. When you enter the bedroom, the feeling should be of entering a serene zone where nothing is disturbing to the eye.

2. Keep the sheets and the pillowcases fresh.

Crumpled sheets and stained pillowcases are sleep’s enemies. Don’t eat sitting on the bed, not even the bedtime snacks, to keep the bed free of crumbs and food stains. Make your bed every morning, straighten up the sheets, shake the pillows, and cover the beds with a thick bed cover. Change bed linen frequently. Use well-laundered and well-ironed bed sheets and pillowcases. The goal is to enhance both sleep hygiene and the comfort factor. A bedroom with fresh bed linen is always more relaxing than the one with crumpled sheets.

3. Use fluffy cushions and the softest coverings.

Your bedroom’s relaxing feel can also be enhanced by using really fluffy cushions, along with soft duvets, comforters and topsheets, you can enhance your bedroom’s relaxing feel and turn your room into a cozy haven. Remember the old adage, ’snug as a bug in a rug’? Well, make your bed a place that offers snuggles, and you will sleep with a smile on your face.

4. Block out external light and noise.

A relaxing bedroom doesn’t let in outside light and noise.  The reason is that darkness, silence and sleep have a strong correlation. Sleep time is dictated by the body clock that’s set by the circadian rhythm linked to light exposure.  The production of melatonin, the body’s sleep-inducing hormone, falls under strong light.  Similarly, loud noises too keep the brain in alert mode hindering the relaxation response needed for sleep onset. We recommend installing blackout curtains or custom roman shades, and soundproofing the bedroom as much as possible to make it a peace zone for your senses.

5. Hang soothing artwork on the bed-facing fall.

On the wall facing the bed’s headboard, hang a large artwork (painting or print or photograph or tapestry) that’s soothing to your eyes. It should be something that you can look at and feel peaceful as you drift into sleep. Meadow scenes, landscapes, seascapes, and puppy or cat prints (for animal lovers) are some good options. Steer clear of psychedelic colors and gory themes as these tend to excite the senses.

6. Take help of aromatherapy. Introduce a soothing fragrance in the bedroom.

As per aromatherapy (the alternative healing therapy that uses natural fragrances to restore health), fragrances too can excite or relax you. Some fragrances like rosemary and peppermint boost alertness and interfere with sleepiness. While fragrances like lavender, chamomile and cedarwood relax the mind and bring sleepiness.  Try using a suitable essential oil or a sleep-support essential oil blend in your bedroom to increase the sense of relaxation. You can use these as sprays, in vaporizing diffusers, or as scented candles.

7. Keep the television (and all other screens) out.

Simple point that’s so tough to implement, we know! Banish all screens – television, laptop, projector, cell phone etc – from the bedroom. These electronic gadgets and their screens are incompatible with relaxation. You can instead keep a white noise machine or play any gentle instrumental music on low volume.

8. Install lights with dimmer switches next to the bed.

We have already talked about the external light. What about the light in the bedroom? Well, we recommend ambient lighting with dimmer switches to induce relaxation. As some people can’t seem to be able to sleep in complete darkness, you can install a nightlight not too high from the floor level for just enough light for reassurance, and to enable accident-free night trips to the washroom.

9. Have a handy bedside table.

A tidy bedside table helps you relax because it gives you a handy surface to keep your night-time essentials at hand. Like your cell phone, a bottle of water, or the book you like reading at bedtime. Simple convenience that’s good for the relaxing factor of the room.

10. Keep the path to the washroom straight and clear.

Many people get up once or twice a night to use the washroom. If the passage between the bed and the washroom is straight, short and clear, the mind stays relaxed, and going back to sleep happens quickly.

Using these tips, you can be sure to create the most sleep friendly and relaxing room possible.

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