How to Cure Popeye in Betta Fish – Treatment, Cause, and Prevention


Illness is an inherent part of living things. Betta fish is not exceptional because it is also a living thing. Like humans, they get sick due to significant changes in the environment. Betta fish are more susceptible to illness when the environment changes significantly. For that, betta fish require careful maintenance and clean water. If you can’t do this properly, they can be faced with many dangerous diseases like Popeye.

In general terms, Popeye disease is named for its tendency to bulge the eyes out of the head. It is usually the result of poor content and water pollution. Whether or not betta fish get affected by Popeye disease entirely depends on how we manage and handle our betta fish.

Whatever, if your betta fish faced the Popeye disease, you are now searching for its prevention and treatment. You are coming to the right place. The article will introduce how to cure Popeye in betta fish and its cause and prevention ways.

What is Popeye disease?

Popeye disease causes abnormal swelling in one or both eyes. The eye may look like it is bulging out of the head. When you see this symptom, you should take immediate steps to the care of your betta fish.

In that case, the best option to fully recover your betta fish is that you should contact your veterinarian immediately.  If left untreated, the Popeye disease can lead to massive infection and excruciating death.

What are the Causes of Popeye Disease?

Usually, Popeye’s disease is defined as a bacterial infection of the eye. Dirty water is the leading cause of these infections. When your betta fish tank carries dirty water, it will create this disease.

Mainly, these kinds of diseases are happening if you do not adequately maintain the care of tank water.  In addition, bettas are often sold in small containers that quickly become dirty and contaminated with bacteria.

As a result, when you buy a new betta fish, they can transmit the infection to other betta fish on your tank. But, in many cases, it can be seen that the cause of Popeye can occur due to tuberculosis and other serious illnesses. For this case, it can be more difficult to properly control and treat them.

How to Treat Popeye Disease of betta fish?

Popeye is a dangerous disease for betta fish. It can be the cause of death for a betta fish. So you need proper treatment when you notice the symptoms of Popeye Disease.

The most effective treatment for Popeye Disease is antibiotic treatment. Since it’s a bacterial infection, there is no better alternative without antibiotic treatment. But before taking antibiotic treatment for your betta fish, you need to first determine infection level. Such as how serious the condition of the infection, the result of a bacterial eye infection and your fish’s habitat.

However, you may have to try to treat the infection yourself, and the appropriate option is to contact a qualified fish veterinarian. By following the directions of the veterinarian, you can carefully apply the antibiotic directly into the water.

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