How to Determine if Your AC System is Starting to Fail


One of the worst feelings is a stuffy, hot room. The problems associated with an AC system that is not working can make your home unbearable to live in, so it is a priority to get it fixed. The question you need to ask yourself is how do you know if it is failing?

Too many people are unaware when their AC system is not working properly and this leads to issues with their comfort in their home. Understanding the problems that go along with a faulty or failing AC unit will allow you to diagnose it quickly, and resolve it, allowing you to feel cool in your home. Here is what to look for if your system is failing and immediately contact JackRabbit Air Conditioning experts to prevent problems from worsening. 

Moisture Leaks

Moisture leaks are a dead giveaway for a failing AC system. The problem with this is that they can be hard to fix yourself, and can cause an overheating AC system to make your home too hot. Living in a place that requires AC, such as Singapore, it is important you understand how valuable your system can be to living comfortably and avoiding any complications. The experts from an aircon service Singapore also suggest that you should hire a professional to perform regular maintenance, which is what you might need if you cannot check your AC system yourself, or are unsure of what to do. Make sure to check around the unit, but the refrigerant is something left to the professionals.

Inconsistent/Weak Airflow

When your AC system is failing, you will notice the difference in airflow. Your unit will be struggling to push it out in a consistent strength or it will cease to produce airflow at all. This is a sign that the compressor is not working properly. When this happens, it is time to get some help and fix the problem because you will be wasting energy on a unit that is barely working.

Warm Air is Being Released

Even if the airflow is still working it could be much warmer than usual. This is also a sign that your system is failing but could mean a few things. First, your unit might simply be low on refrigerant which can be fixed by a technician, and this means your system may be fine. However, the likelihood that it is leaking is a problem as well as an issue with the compressor not working properly, and that the unit is in fact failing.

Electrical Wiring Damage 

The wiring of the unit is obviously important for powering the AC and it can become damaged which affects the efficiency of the unit to cool a room or home. IF the wiring is damaged, then the proper electrical output is not being met and the unit cannot function how it should. Too much or too little voltage is going to affect the ability to produce cold air and this is also damaging to the compressor, which could lead to long term failure. Wiring damage is a major problem and electrical fires are a potential issue. Avoiding this problem can be solved by routinely checking the condition of the unit’s electrical wiring.

The Unit is Making Noises

One of the best things about most electrical powered appliances or equipment is that they can often indicate that they are not working for us by making noises. They do not do this because they know, it is just something that happens, but your AC unit may be signaling that it is not working properly in a similar manner. AC units will make a clicking or ticking noise when it is trying to turn on or off and it could be indicative of the electrical connections being faulty or going bad. If you hear your AC unit struggle to turn on and off and it is making these noises, you might be hearing it fail.

Rumbling and Rattling

Lastly, the rumbling and rattling inside your AC unit might be the motor or compressor coming loose. Sometimes parts inside the unit will get loose for whatever reason, possibly damage from strong winds or debris, and it will rumble. This is an easy one to hear because, like the ticking sound, it is not a natural occurrence when it is running smoothly. If you hear this, your unit might need to be checked out to see what came loose inside.

Fixing your AC unit is a must during a scorching day. Feeling stuffy and overheated in your own home is no one’s idea of comfort, so pay attention to these potential signs that your unit is starting to fail and get some help to fix it so you are not uncomfortable in your home.

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