How to develop a winning sports betting strategy


Trying to predict the outcome of any sporting event is no easy task and the mental side to sports betting is arguably the most important aspect.

As sports fans, our opinions and thoughts on the sporting action all differ hugely and having an allegiance to a particular team and/or player can have a detrimental impact on our betting performance.

In addition, the notion of ‘chasing a win’ can have a huge mental impact on the way in which people place bets and can push people into a negative psychological spiral.

Developing a measured and informed betting strategy can help hugely to lessen expectations and allow punters to enjoy the wins when they come.

Here is a guide on how to develop a winning sports betting strategy:

Bet with your Head, not your Heart

Everybody who follows sport has a feeling of affiliation towards particular teams/individuals, but this can be detrimental when sports betting.

Always look to stay impartial and view the action objectively when betting on sport and try to refrain betting with emotion.

Having a clearer mindset when betting will not only help you win more often but will also reduce the losses on fixtures you are already emotionally invested in.

Get to Grips with the Odds

Understanding how the bookmakers operate is hugely important for punters when starting out on their sports betting journey.

Choosing between decimal and fractional odds is an important decision to make and familiarising yourself with both formats is key.

In addition, familiarisation with payouts and how much money you stand to win (or lose) can help you have a much clearer frame of mind when placing stakes.

Don’t bet on EVERYTHING

The sheer number of sporting events available to punters is both a positive and negative within the betting sphere.

Having a wealth of sports to choose from, with events kicking off all over the world 24/7, is hugely enticing and potentially lucrative to bettors.

However, having so much choice can encourage punters to bet on too many events and chase a win, in a market where perhaps there is no value.

If you don’t fancy a particular result in a match or horse in a race, sit back and let the mind and the bank balance have a break.

Stick to YOUR plan

Implementing a clear plan and strategy is the first step towards betting successfully on sport.

The next (and arguably most important step) is to stick to that strategy.

For example, if your strategy were to place no bets over $10 and that is a fundamental rule that your betting plan is built upon – so don’t waiver from it, as it could derail you with all future bets.

Being true to yourself when betting will always pay more dividends and it will help you from chasing the wins down a mental worm hole.

Listen to the Experts

Every sports fan feels they know the most about the action but there are multiple sources punters can access to help them win big.

Whilst having your own view is always helpful, try to seek out expert opinion from those in the know and make your informed betting decision from there.

When it comes to accessing the latest sports betting offers, tips and welcome promotions Oddsmanager is the go-to place for all levels of sports punter.

Always use the Bookmaker Offers

The number of sportsbooks available to punters has never been higher and as a result they are all fighting for custom.

Most bookmakers offer welcome promotions to new players as well as free bet bonuses to existing players.

Developing a betting strategy that incorporates bookmaker offers can help punters both mentally and financially as it can take the pressure off a particular bet, knowing that it is a free punt.

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