How to do a successful social media audit


One wonders what a social media audit is all about.

It is a process of assessing and optimizing a commercial social media report and approach. Carrying out a social media audit using the services of a digital agency can facilitate e-commerce businesses to continue to be on top of their online existence.

An audit is an event to find out which of the marketing system is successful in achieving the desired objective. The audit may also give an insight into the ones that need to be modified.

The analysis of the report can be used to support organizations to chalk out their future strategies.

How to go about conducting a social media audit

Find all profiles

A well-established company’s portfolio finds its place in well-known platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Companies should check other platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google Plus, Yelp, Tumblr, Instagram, and many others. Social Media agencies can help locate elusive profiles and spot out any unknown but prospective ones.

Documentation of information

The first step is to put all the available data in a proper format. The best available today is the spreadsheet. Gather all information on how regularly does every profile is updated, what is the hit rate, the number of views per day, are the viewers posting their comments. Tracking of viewer engagement can be done through a digital marketing agency service.

Check each profile for achievement

The next step would be to scan through each profile and see that every input alternative is completed.  Different social media sites differ in divulging the amount of information. Make the best use of the available data in every social media account.

A few top digital agencies do a good job in analyzing the profile that is normally not present on its desktop sites.

Check for uniformity and variation

Certain information is well-matched with different social media sites and a few provide exceptional content that provides consumers to follow all of a company’s profiles. Check the content of each profile and make sure it is dependable with the marketing strategy.

Reflect on the market

Ecommerce agency Thailand should watch out for the market of each profile and evaluate match as to how it reflects with the company’s marketing strategies. A closer investigation of the comments between viewers and posts could give a much better picture.  An answer could be found for marketing in Thailand, by checking the tone of consumer comments.

Engaging an influencer marketing agency in Thailand can establish are the customers not happy with the offered product. Corrective measures addressing all issues should be dealt with quickly and privately.

Set objectives

Once profiles are reliable and assessed, the next step would be to set tangible goals for increasing followers. The results of this audit could be preserved for future reference.

Discard unwanted profiles

If one or some of the profile underperforms, it is wise not to waste resources on it, rather shut down the profile and focus marketing efforts elsewhere.

Spot out illegal profiles

A company finds fake profiles written in its name, steps to be taken to shut them down.

Social media audits are certainly very involved but completing one can make sure branding is consistent and Thailand online marketing is quite effective.

In Thailand, if you want help in social media audits, you can visit   and take the crusade to the next level.

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