How to do Las Vegas on a tight budget

A holiday to Las Vegas might sound like a rather extravagant trip, but many people are unaware that there are plenty of ways to make your money go further in “Sin City”. Despite all the razzle-dazzle of the Las Vegas Strip and the millions of dollars that are ploughed through the casinos each year, it is eminently possible to enjoy a stay here without breaking the bank.

If you want to know the hints and tricks of the trade to make your holiday budget stretch further in Las Vegas, read on as we divulge the best tips to save money on the Las Vegas Strip.

Take advantage of the “$20 sandwich trick”

Slip a $20 bill between your debit card and ID at check-in and ask if “there are any complimentary upgrades available”. The $20 tip should be enough to encourage your attendant to improve your room. Apparently, the best time of the day to request for a complimentary upgrade is around 6pm. That’s because the check-in staff will have a better idea of what rooms remain vacant after the rush of 3pm check-in. There’s no doubt that the $20 trick is the cheapest way of upgrading from a basic room to a room with either a view or more amenities than you had otherwise planned for.

Consider a Monday-to-Friday trip

Locals and those elsewhere in the US tend to pay long weekend visits to Las Vegas, often arriving on a Thursday or Friday until the Sunday. This explains why room prices on the Strip are several times higher than those room rates on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If you aren’t fussed about being in Las Vegas for the weekend, consider booking a stay between Monday and Friday, when you can take full advantage of the lower rates and won’t be stung as much by the additional resort fees that most Strip resorts now charge.

Get free drinks on the house on the casino floors

Even sitting at the penny slots allows you to ask for delicious drinks on the house

Typically, drinks are by no means cheap on the Vegas Strip. They can cost you just $5-$6 off the Strip and be more than double that at some casinos on-Strip. Fortunately, there is a budget-friendly alternative. When you sit down and play table games or video slots at the casinos, most resorts will employ waitresses to serve you free drinks while you play. What’s the catch? Simply tip them $1 per drink and they’ll keep coming back!

Fill your boots with Las Vegas’ buffet dining scene

If there’s one thing that Las Vegas does well outside of casino gaming, it’s buffet food. The Strip caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a staggering choice of cuisines. Some of the buffets are more expensive than others – The Sterling Brunch at Bally’s is $125 per head for example – but there are plenty of others that offer 24-hour passes for less than half that price. Dinner is the most expensive buffet meal of the day, followed by lunch and then breakfast. It’s possible to enter a buffet at the end of lunchtime hours, pay the lunch price and wait for the dinner food to appear. The same goes for timing lunch at the end of breakfast.

Buy essentials outside of your casino resort

Most casino resorts will have their own stores for guests, offering a great choice of essentials such as milk, water, snacks, and fresh fruit. What many guests don’t know is that these items are available on the Strip for a fraction of the price elsewhere. There are several Walgreens and CVS stores you can find whilst sampling the magnificent architecture along the Strip. Pay a visit to one of these upon your arrival to stock up and save precious funds.

Pick up half-price show tickets on the Strip

Entertainment in Las Vegas is rarely cheap. It’s known worldwide for the calibre of its shows. Whether it’s A-list popstars, Cirque du Soleil masterpieces or live comedians, Vegas knows how to entertain its guests.

However, if you aren’t fussy about who or where you go for your shows on the Strip, it’s a good idea to pay Tix4Tonight a visit. They have five booths along the Strip selling heavily discounted show tickets, with up to 50% savings available. These booths also tend to offer other discounted attractions, saving you money on walk-up fares across the city.

Even if you take on board just a couple of these tricks, we guarantee you’ll be saving yourself a decent sum of money during your stay in Las Vegas. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to have fun here!