How to Draw Up a Business Card: Is it Needed in 2022?


Although it is now 2022, we see a huge number of technologies that appear in many areas of life. However, some things are still relevant. One of those things is a business card.

We see how now it is almost not difficult to find a person on social networks or the Internet, but business cards still do an excellent job of their main task – to bring customers, interest business partners, or leave contact information that can be easily found.

Their function remains unchanged. Only the styles of their design change.



Every business card owner is well aware that their cards will either get lost or end up in a cardholder along with a huge number of other cards. This fact does not upset businessmen, but the fact that a business card does not fulfill its function can easily upset them.

This is a wonderful advertising strategy that should pay off. In this respect, it would be unwise to handle the development of your methods of acquiring consumers or customers without full consideration. If you execute everything correctly, this tool will be able to handle a large amount of work for you, making your investment worthwhile.

Nevertheless, before you begin constructing a style with the aid of a PSD template mockup, you need to answer a few questions. You must know who you intend to offer them to, why you intend to give them to other people, and when you intend to distribute them. Answering these questions will allow you to simply select how your card should appear, or at the very least, what its major parameters should be.


Numerous professionals who use business cards aim to be outstanding by designing cards in unusual formats. However, later they find that there is nothing unique about this since such cards do not fit into cardholders and are quickly lost. Thus, people are simply throwing money away, creating a marketing tool that does not fulfill its function.

As a result, to avoid being a victim of such a predicament, you should be led by the sizes that are acceptable in your region.

Material and color

Material and color

There are no restrictions on the materials and palettes that can be used. For many days, many individuals can pick the material from which the card will be manufactured and even the color scheme.

In most cases, many opt for materials that look expensive. That is why many people prefer paper that looks like linen, rather than the glossy paper that was popular a few years ago.

In terms of choosing colors for decoration, you can be guided by the corporate colors of your company if you are making a corporate business card. If it is yours personally, then nothing limits you here, however, many prefer classic colors.


The card simply has a front and rear side to accommodate all of the vital information. There are no hard and fast rules concerning what should be displayed on both sides. Only you can determine what facts to bring to the notice of others.

Each card typically includes a firm emblem, the owner’s position, his first and last name, and numerous contact data ranging from a phone number to an e-mail address. Do not try to fit as much information about you as possible. You should mention the information briefly and to the point. It is best to include only one phone number and one e-mail.

Make a call to action next to your contact information. You can write “call 24/7” or “I’m looking forward to receiving your e-mail.” It would seem that this is so obvious, but such a simple little thing can be truly effective.

When designing, try to choose either one font for everything, or two, but do not try to write each letter or word in a different font to stand out, as this will look unprofessional and awkward.

The back of the card is usually left blank, but it can also be used as a marketing tool. You can indicate on this side an interesting offer that you are ready to make. It could be a limited-time offer or a discount.


Despite the advent of advanced technology, business cards are still effective marketing tools. With the right design, you can achieve good results. However, do not try to overdo it with the accepted norms of size and format, because in this way your business card will not fulfill its function.

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