How to Estimate the Value of Your Injury Claim After a Truck Accident


If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be eligible for compensation. The amount you receive as compensation depends on the specific details of your case and your ability to prove it.

Trucks are a lot bigger and heavier than other motor vehicles. When they are involved in an accident, the outcome can be devastating. They cause significant injuries and property damage even if the accident happens at a slow speed.

Truck accident settlements are typically higher than settlements for regular motor vehicles. The following are a few factors to consider when trying to estimate the value of your injury claim after a truck accident.

1. Liability

The most important factor to consider when trying to determine compensation after a truck accident is who is at fault. You must prove that the other driver was responsible for the collision. The stronger your evidence, the higher your compensation. All truck accidents are different and may have different causes. Issues that may shape your liability picture include whether the truck driver was speeding, whether their truck had an unforeseen malfunction, and whether you may have contributed to the crash. Collect as much evidence as you can from the accident scene to help your case.

2. The Cost of Medical Expenses

The amount you spend on medical expenses determines the value of your injury claim. This includes both past and future medical bills. Truck accidents often result in severe or life-changing injuries. You may need to spend a lot of time and money in the hospital. Generally, the less you are injured, the lower your medical bills, and the less time you need treatment.

In some instances, you may need to get treatment in the future. This affects your future medical expenses claim. If, for example, you will need to keep getting ongoing treatment all your life, it has to be factored in your settlement amount.

However, you need to prove that your treatment is reasonable and that your injuries resulted from the accident. Your attorney should help you gather evidence such as your medical records, medical bills, and the opinion of an expert.

3. Pain and Suffering

Truck accidents can result in significant noneconomic pain and suffering. Some causes of truck accidents include aggressive driving, fatigue, driving when intoxicated, poor truck maintenance, bad weather, and failure to observe the driving regulations. Unlike other expenses, the cost of pain and suffering is difficult to determine. You will receive compensation based on the severity of your injuries and their effect on the quality of your life. Other factors that your attorney may need to prove include scarring, the permanency of your condition, physical limitations, and emotional strife.

4. Average Personal Injury Settlements

It can be difficult to determine the exact amount of your personal injury settlement as all truck accidents are different. Monetary settlements are consensual agreements where the relevant parties reach an agreement to avoid long and stressful court processes.

They agree on a settlement amount based on the extent of injuries and expected case value. There are a few ways to determine the compensation you may receive in court and your attorney should help determine your average settlement amount.

5. Broken bones That Don’t Require Surgery

The average value for these injuries is $50,000 to $150,000. It depends on the specific bones that were broken, the cost of treating them, and the number of broken bones. If, for example, you have broken ribs that do not require much medical intervention, the compensation may be minimal.

6. Broken Bones That Require Surgery

If you need surgery for your broken bones, your compensation can go as high as seven figures. It depends on the nature of the surgery, the need for multiple surgeries, and the cost of treatment.

7. Brain Injuries

The symptoms of brain injuries can range from being in a vegetative state to a slight loss of memory. However, all types of brain injuries can result in high compensation. They typically go as high as seven figures. Major brain injuries can earn tens of millions of dollars in compensation.

8. Fatal Accidents

Juries often award millions of dollars to the families of those involved in fatal truck accidents. The compensation depends on lost income and the specific details of the accident.

If you have been in a truck accident, consider seeking the help of a truck accident attorney. They will help you get the most compensation depending on the specific details of your case. They may represent you in monetary settlements and give you the legal advice you need.


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