How to Expand Your Consciousness

Life is busy and bustling and moves at a pace that often leaves many feeling overwhelmed. This overbearing feeling puts a lot of stress on your mind and will make your daily processes feel more labored and inefficient. If you are looking to escape the rigours and constraints of daily life, you might be looking to find a new way of thinking. These are ways that will increase and help you expand your consciousness.


It is important to take the time out of your days to unplug, destress, and clear your mind of your worries and complications. Letting go of the weight you carry with you on a daily basis will unburden you of all that limits you and your thoughts. Having a clear mind that is free from the restrictions of work and personal stress will allow you to expand your mind and your consciousness. There are many practices that guide you through meditation and provide a good starting point until you are ready to go on your own path. These meditations involve the slowing and concentrating of your breathing, and with your focus on yourself, you will be able to release any cluttering thoughts.


Mindfulness works hand in hand with mediation to bring your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to focusing on only the present moment and your current surroundings. This clarity without the distraction of your constant surroundings will allow you to make room for clear and efficient thinking, more effective brain functioning, more creativity, and translate to your other feelings and emotions. By letting go of other thoughts that are weighing you down, you are able to also better perceive your surroundings and those around you, which will lead to better interactions with people and focus on developing relationships that prioritize communication and understanding.


Text, Workshops and Teachers

For those that are finding the journey to deeper consciousness and thought difficult, there are many resources that are helpful in teaching and guiding newcomers to magic and spirituality. Videos are great tools for teaching and guiding exercises that promote mindfulness through meditation. Matt Beech from expresses how text articles are great reading materials that help build a foundation of understanding for many reasons and benefits of the practice, and workshops from teachers provide personal care and vast insight to those wanting or needing extra help, consultation and attention to further their spiritual experience. There are plenty of resources to choose from that will fit any lifestyle and work around your time commitments. It is not always easy at first, but the journey must begin with small steps first.


If you are struggling with letting go of all that is burdening you and the information and knowledge that occupies your mind, you can try to seek out the assistance of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelics can be very beneficial for those seeking to expand their perspective, as these provide the opportunity to see things that one is not normally accustomed to. It is also helpful in allowing you to further relax if you find that hard to do. It is important to note that you cannot control your reactions and need to let the experience guide you. Make sure that if you choose to take on this experience, you should do so with others you trust and create a safe environment. Not everyone will react the same way, and it is important to note that experiences will differ greatly. If you have depression, anxiety, or suffer under other negative states, you have to reconsider if this is right for you.


Traveling to different countries and cities provides you the opportunity to gain a vast array of different perspectives, and gives you new experiences to learn from. You will encounter many people on your journeys, all with their own stories that will help expand your own views of the world. Avoid tourist traps and popular places and activities if your purpose is to grow your consciousness. Traveling feeds your soul and spirit if you travel with that specific goal in mind.


One key thing that will be of great importance in your ability to reach a spiritual center will be to minimize your lifestyle. It is important to not be distracted by the consumer mindset and free yourself of belongings and things. It won’t be easy to do at first but you can start with changing your life a little bit at a time, slowly removing your clutter. Cleaning and tidying for a more organized life will allow for a clear and clean mind for thoughts to move freely.

Expanded consciousness is strengthened with practices that will promote clear and organized thinking. Strong spirituality does not come overnight, it takes time, so make sure to be patient with your growth. Release what holds you back and free yourself to be open to a new journey to thinking.