How to Express Your Personal Style


Developing your own personal style is an awesome way to become more comfortable with who you are and build confidence. Of course, there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula when it comes to personal style, and that’s a good thing. Let’s be honest, if we all wore the same thing, the world would be very dull. That’s why self-expression is so important.

At the end of the day, it’s nice to feel inspired and authentic every time you get dressed— whether you’re chilling out at home or out and about. Here are some unique ways to express personal style and be more confident in who you are.

1. Tap into your personality

Showcasing your personality through what you choose to wear is a great way to develop a personal style that you’re proud of. In other terms, you’re reflecting your inner beauty.  Perhaps you are a bubbly and happy person or you like to spend time outdoors. The key is to capture the essence of your character traits through your clothes, without fearing judgement.

2. Make sure you’re comfortable

It wouldn’t make sense for your personal style to revolve around clothes that don’t make you comfortable. Choose interesting clothes and accessories that make you feel at ease while accentuating what makes you special. On the other hand, there’s no pressure to be ‘out of the box’ with your style. If blue jeans and a white shirt make you feel good, then rock that look with no regrets.

3. Try out new clothing stores

It’s easy to fall into the trap of shopping at the same places every time you need new clothes. The convenience of knowing exactly what to expect makes it easy to find things that you like—  and there’s no problem with that. But what if you were to try out a new store just once. You might expose yourself to a whole new world of options that feel like a more authentic reflection of who you are. Think of it as a chance to reinvent yourself.

4. Pay attention to the styles you gravitate to on other people

Seeking inspiration from others is never a bad idea. Don’t be afraid to seek inspiration from your own personal style icons. Over time, you’ll start to pick up on style tips from them and find it easier to put together outfits that you enjoy. Sometimes, it might seem like someone else has superhuman confidence that you don’t, but at the end of the day, they’re really just comfortable expressing themselves. These are the kind of people to seek inspiration from.

Expressing your personal style is a form of storytelling. Nobody’s story is more valid than another’s, so tell your story with pride. Once you start to express your personal style without holding back, you’re likely to feel more confident and comfortable. That’s why it’s so important to develop a personal style that you’re happy with. It might just be the step you need to take to improve your overall well-being. Look good and feel good! Once your style has been honed, treat yourself to a hug in a box letterbox gift from Box Sized Hugs to help you relax and re-energise.


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