How to find a good-paying guest in Noida?


Noida is basically a partof the capital of India, Delhi. It lies in the Uttar Pradesh state. Now- a – days, many people are drifting towards Noida, India because of various reasons such as – Job, housing, education, business. Over the past few years, the city has witnessed a lot of changes in infrastructure, bettering education and providing employment to the aspiring candidates. Many builders have invested and built many good projects in Noida. With residential properties, many malls, schools, markets, and entertainment sections have been cultivated in the design and began to develop. Since many companies have opened in Noida and there are some of the best educational institutes opened in Noida, India many people are finding a place to rent out.

Why live in Noida

Out of all the places in Delhi, you should choose Noida, India because of its good connectivity and better residential properties constructed over there. You will find a metro line throughout the city well connected. So, if you are living in Noida, then you would not have to worry about commuting. It is also said that the properties in Noida are cheaper than anywhere else in Delhi, India. There are many pg in NoidaSo, it is good news that one can afford a cheap space to live in. Some of the entertainment places to hangout in Noida are 

  1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary.
  2. Suraj Kund.
  3. Worlds of Wonder (Amusement Park).
  4. Botanic Garden of Republic.
  5. Snow World.
  6. Atta Market.
  7. ISKCON.

from that, there are many malls to visit such as – DLF Mall of India, The Grand Venice Mall, etc. The city is also known to be less crowded than the rest of Delhi. It is because people are still in the process of migrating Noida. Even the pg, properties are readily available at an affordable cost to either rent or buy. Talking about the weather conditions, it is usually like Delhi only having extreme winter and summers. Noida has now become quite feasible and favorable to live.

Paying Guest in Noida 

Various reasons are inviting people to migrate to Noida. The main concern lies in finding a good and affordable place to stay. Today, paying guest accommodations are in trend because of their affordability and all the facilities under one roof. Amenities such as – ac, cooler, television, beds, table, chairs, food, cleaning services, parking, etc. On average, a double sharing pg in Noida ranges from 6k to 15k depending upon the locality and facilities provided by the owner. Some of the good locations for pg in Noida, India are 

  1. Sector 15
  2. Sector 39
  3. Sector 137
  4. Sector 44
  5. Sector 56

are a few societies which are well known for rent 

  1. Amrapali Dream Valley.
  2. Supertech CapeTown
  3. Omaxe Grand
  4. Mahagun Maestro
  5. Ace City
  6. Gaur City

you want to go for searching paying guest, then it is suggested that only rely on websites. There have been many websites built that are currently serving tons of people in finding their rental accommodation which is not only feasible but affordable also. Delhi and especially Noida, India is so huge that it is not possible to roam on the streets and knock on every door personally. Also, you would not want to spend your money on brokers and wait for the results. Some of these online websites are totally free of cost and easy to navigate. You just must put in the area, budget, and type of accommodation. For starters, pg in Noida sector 62 is famous all over. You will find single beds, double, triple and even four sharing rooms. You can also find independent floors that you can share with your folks. You can use your acquaintances to search for good pg in Noida sector 62, India.

is no rocket science in finding a pg in Noida. You just must learn the ways and remember these tips 

  1. Never settle for less. There are various options. You can look out for several houses and then select the pg you want to live in.
  2. Many pg provide some additional facilities. Always make a note. While looking out for paying guest accommodation, you should look in for the room size, cupboard size, parking, air ventilation, washing machine, type of food, quality of living. These things may seem minute to you at the very moment but can cause hassles later.
  3. Feasibility should be treated as a high priority while you are living in a metro city in India. Always choose a pg that is near to your school, college or job institute. The traffic can be a little tricky. It can consume some of the important hours of the day. So, it is better that you stay near and save your time.
  4. Negotiation can be done while finalizing for pg in Noida. Usually, owners cut down the rent from 500- 1000 bunks depending on their will.
  5. If you are depositing any security, then make sure to collect a receipt just to ensure that you will get back the amount safely.

can follow the tips and search out for paying guest and room accommodations online or through an acquaintance. You will easily get as there are many options in Noida. It is not tough to find a place to live in cities like Noida. Being a part of the capital of India, it is seeking a lot of attention now- a- days. Also, Noida has been extended to Greater Noida and people are also buying and renting properties there. Soon the metro lines will also cover there. Just make sure that you are safe from fraud agents or brokers. They may seem to ask for a lot of money and you will end up nowhere. Noida is growing and changing every single day. Living in Noida as a student or IT professional or with a family is a good option in the future.

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