How to find a secure and trustworthy online casino platform

Most of us like to try our luck with a spin of the reels or a game of cards at a casino every now and then. This year, the opportunities for doing so in the real world have been severely limited due to wider events. That has sent most of us into cyberspace, and there is no shortage of online casino sites offering amazing deals and promotions that look almost too good to be true.

There’s an old adage about that, and it is always wise to approach a new site with a healthy degree of caution and skepticism. Here are some quick and easy ways to get a good idea of whether an online casino site is legitimate and somewhere you can deposit your money with confidence.

1. Read the reviews

There’s no assurance like peer reviews when it comes to buying something, whether it is a car or a bag of frozen peas. You can add casino gaming to that list, but don’t just scroll to the list of customer testimonials on the website. If a platform is not legit, it will happily fabricate those reviews! Instead, look to an independent site that reviews dozens of different casinos, for example MapleSlot. Here, you will find non-partisan information about the site, with at-a-glance information on security, payment methods and lots more.  You can also check out slotxo as well.

2. Check the license

A legitimate casino site will be licensed by one or more recognized bodies, such as the Gambling Commission in the UK or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. Trustworthy casinos generally like to tell the world about their licenses, so the information should not be difficult to find – in fact, it is usually right there on the homepage if you scroll down to the bottom. You can then cross reference the license number with the issuing body to make doubly sure. If you can’t find any licensing information on the website, it’s best to walk away. It might not be an actual scam, but no license means you’d be running a risk, as the site could be closed down at any moment.

3. Test the contacts

Any casino site is fine when everything is going smoothly. The real difference is how they react when you need support. All casinos are required to have customer support, and usually this will be a phone number and email address. Some might also have instant chat. Drop them an email, give them a call or hook up by chat to see whether you get the quick response you are entitled to expect.

4. Assess the security

Granted, it is not down to you to examine the locks on your bank’s vault. But just a quick glance can tell you if a casino site is serious about cybersecurity. Of course you should check for the https and padlock sign in the address bar, but these alone do not guarantee the site is secure. Beyond this, look for evidence that the site is PCI compliant. This means they have adequate controls to take proper care of your personal and financial data. There should be an appropriate accreditation logo, probably close to the licensing information you checked earlier.