How to Find Great Vegan Gift Baskets & Pamper Friends with Dietary Restrictions


If you keep up with news about our planet, animal cruelty, or your health, chances are you’ve heard about the benefits of going vegan. Even if you’re not vegan (yet), you are sure to have vegans in your circle of family, friends and colleagues. That means sooner or later, you’ll be looking for the perfect gift for a vegan. No matter the occasion – from birthdays to Christmas – when shopping for them, you’ll have to keep your friend’s choices in mind if you care. After all, being vegan is often not only a dietary restriction, but often also a moral choice. So, what’s the best thing to send your vegan tribe? Go with vegan gift baskets, because a gift made of gifts is always a great way to spoil someone you care about. So, where can you find great vegan gift baskets? And what should be inside them?

If You Want to Shop for a Vegan, You Need to Understand Being Vegan

Vegans make conscious decisions about the products they consume, and the best gifts for vegans match their values. You have to shop like they would and think about what vegans look for. Sure, you know people who choose the vegan path don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy products, or animal-derived ingredients. But if you’re not vegan, you might want to think on that for a moment.

It’s obvious that charcuterie, jerky and other meats don’t belong in a vegan gift basket. But many breads and cakes made with eggs are no longer an option either. Cheese is a double whammy because of the milk and rennet. Pasta is often made with eggs. Even honey is off the table.

Being vegan goes further than food. Vegans often avoid leather, candles and cosmetics that contain beeswax, brushes – for painting and applying make-up – that use animal hair. Fur clothes and accessories are definitely a no-go. Plus, animal products can end up in surprising places like beer and wine (some use animal-based ingredients to make them look clearer), and even in tattoo ink which can contain pigments made from beetles!

Why do vegans do make these choices? Some will tell you a vegan diet can help manage weight and blood sugar, along with other physical benefits. But many vegans make these choices for more than their health. Reducing human dependence worldwide on all kinds of animal products will reduce animal cruelty from industries that abuse animals to meet demand. Some vegans argue that such choices on a wide scale would reduce the amount of land and water needed to feed and clothe everyone in the world, while also reducing pollution associated with the production of animal-derived products.

What Should Go in A Vegan Gift Basket? (And What Shouldn’t!)

What does this tell us about finding a good vegan gift basket? First, your vegan friends care about their health and the entire planet! It’s a great idea to go the extra mile to send them a gift basket made especially with vegans in mind. Next, be careful about the products you include in a vegan gift basket as well as its packaging.

Avoid gift baskets for vegans that contain meats, dairy, honey, and things like beeswax candles or accessories that contain animal by-products. Don’t choose gifts that are packaged in, or include, leather. Watches and wallets, we’re looking at you. In fact, look specifically for indications that products are vegan-friendly. If you want to be absolutely sure you’re getting a truly vegan-friendly gift basket, trust the experts at Gift Baskets Overseas.

Sending Vegan Gift Baskets Is Easy

It doesn’t matter if you need to give a vegan gift to someone in your family, a friend, business partner, or colleague, or even if you need to send a romantic gift to someone vegan. Gift baskets will always be one of the smartest options because they make your life easier while still impressing the person receiving the gift.

The best gift basket companies will offer clearly marked vegan gift baskets. Companies like Gift Baskets Overseas specialize in making the gift delivery process a snap, and take care of everything for you, including reading the labels.

Plus, you can send delicious vegan gifts internationally to more than 200 countries. It doesn’t matter where the vegan in your life lives, their gift basket will be delivered quickly and securely, without crossing borders, and without spending extra money and time with taxes and customs.

Finding the Best Vegan Gift Baskets

Sending a gift for a vegan isn’t hard when you’re shopping with the right company. If you need to send a romantic gift for a vegan, try Gift Baskets Overseas’ option: For your Vegan Valentine.

Filled with sweet and savory snacks, this assortment gives the love of your life room to indulge without breaking their vegan diet. That’s right, you won’t have to sacrifice your great taste to meet their dietary needs. Your vegan love will indulge in dark chocolate, Turkish delights, gourmet strawberry jam, crunchy Bombay mix, and much more – all vegan-friendly products.

vegan basket 1

But what if you’re not looking for a romantic gift, and instead you need to send a gift for a vegan friend or business partner? Check out A Cool Gift – filled with vegan-friendly drinks and snacks, it’s a delicious option for your friends and colleagues with many kinds of dietary restrictions.

vegan basket 2

Your friend will receive one cooler bag, two bottles of organic juice (raspberry & pear, and apple & ginger), 2 organic tapas, date & sesame Spread, and more. Cool, right?

What if your favorite vegan enjoys gardening? Gift Baskets Overseas has a vegan-friendly gift that lets them REALLY get down and dirty with their favorite ingredients. When you send a Grow Your Own Veggies Kit, they’ll get enough to start a truly funky-looking little garden.

vegan basket 3

It comes with 5 colorful vegetables to grow, including purple carrots, red Brussel’s sprouts, stripy tomatoes, golden zucchini, and rainbow chard. The kit also includes everything they need to grow them, including 5 Biodegradable Peat Pots, 5 Peat Discs that expand 7 times their size and 5 Plant Markers. Plus, with laboratory-tested seeds, your gardener friend (vegan or otherwise) is sure to enjoy good germination. Whether they are a gardening pro or a beginner, the Grow Your Own Veggies Kit is a perfect gift for all the vegans in your life.

The Final Word on Vegan Gift Baskets

Remember, your vegan family, friends, and colleagues make choices every day that others might take for granted, because they hope everyone in the world – including our animal friends – can live a better, healthier life. That means vegans need gifts that will bring them joy in part because they live up to vegan values. But animal products can show up in all sorts of unexpected places, so it’s always a great idea to get help from gift experts, like the ones at Gift Baskets Overseas, when sending vegan gift baskets anywhere in the world.

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