How to Find Peace And Focus During A Hectic Day

Living a busy life can leave you feeling stressed, empty, and constantly pulled and pushed by fears and goals. Finding a bit of time to unwind and work on your own wellbeing during the day is incredibly important – but many people find it hard to do this without some kind of activity or aim. Here is a quick guide to three activities that are perfect for finding time for yourself during a hectic day.


Yoga is an extremely varied discipline. Contrary to popular belief, not all of it is relaxing! Yoga has its roots in ancient India, with the oldest records indicating that some form of yogic practice took place around 1000 BCE. Most of the modern styles of yoga practiced in the West involves physical movement and were first bought to the West in the 19th century. These styles were, in turn, influenced by western orientalism in the 19th century and new-age spiritualism in the middle of the 20th century.

According to the Mayo Clinic, yoga is an incredibly good stress reliever. Most yogic practices involve a high level of focus on breathing and mental clarity as well as physical movement and poise. This makes yoga the perfect antidote to a lifestyle spent ‘out of body’ completing work tasks and dealing with social pressures. Finding a good online yoga teacher is a good start. Good yoga teachers will lead a reciprocal lesson: they learn from your abilities and issues as they build lesson plans.

Learn An Instrument

A busy life is usually dominated by rushes from one essential task to another. Learning how to play an instrument is a great way of taking some time to focus on the creation of pleasure and the betterment of self. Nothing feels as good as spending some time every day learning how to produce something beautiful. If you are just starting out with an instrument and don’t have time in your day to visit a teacher, you might want to sign up for an online learning platform like

Learning an instrument is not by any means a road to instant gratification. The pleasure and peace of learning an instrument comes from a gradual development of understanding – something that many people are missing from their incredibly busy and goal oriented lives.


One of the main regrets of people living busy lives is the way that time seems to flow through their hands like sand. A lack of memories or memories of feelings can cause a huge disconnect between the phenomenal experience of life and the mental understanding of how life is going. Keeping a diary can help with this problem hugely. No person is devoid of worthwhile memories or thoughts to remember. Keep a diary or record an audio or video diary so that you can remember and expand upon your thoughts. Journalizing has a proven positive effect on many people’s mental health. Taking some time away from your schedule to diarize is a fine idea indeed.