How to find recent graduate jobs

The transition from school to work-life can be a daunting task for anyone. Finding a job is not an easy task in this ever-changing world.  There are websites like that will provide you with practical information to ease this process.  Graduates tend to get flustered as they don’t know how to pitch themselves and have minimal work experience, if any at all.  With these four strategies you will be able to find graduate jobs:

1. Matching expectations to reality

Finding a job is not as easy as you might think in this job market. You might not get the dream job you have always wanted the right of the back. However, do not be discouraged from settling for something you do not like.

With minimal experience, you might find yourself getting a job that only meets specific needs. Eventually, you will get the job that you will like, once you have learned the trade of the business. 

Do not be closed-minded when applying for a job. If you want to work for a particular firm, but they aren’t hiring people in the position you desire, you can easily get another position. Simply take what is available and work towards the job you are aspiring for. 

2. Update your Resume

If you are serious about job searching, do not use the CV you wrote five years ago. It is paramount that you update your resume every other time. Change the layout and design of the CV to be more current. The design of the CV is enough to get you hired or dismissed. 

There is a common mistake amongst graduates; they tend to send the same CV to every organization. Your resume is not a one size fits all template. You need to customize your CV to suit the different jobs you are applying for.

3. Identifying Upcoming Opportunities

With most organizations seeking an online presence, you might be misled into thinking that all opportunities are on websites. Do not limit yourself to internet searches; try disruptive job searches. This will give you great insight into the job market.

The primary basis of this type of research is networking. Most organizations and companies rely on word of mouth to employ new talents. You can establish relationships through attending industry functions quite easily. Here you can pitch yourself and gain more knowledge of the company you are interested in quickly.

4. Professional Image

At this point in your life, you must be keen on the type of content you share publicly. Employers are very keen on one’s online profile when hiring. Make sure your privacy settings are updated, and your content is clean. 

You might not get a job as easily as you expect after graduating. However, these tips will enable you to be on the right path to your employer. Remember, thousands of people graduate every year and seek jobs just like you. It is easy to get frustrated after sending a few resumes to different companies, but you must not quit. You never know whose desk your CV will land; opportunities are availing themselves every day.