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Every subcontractor hopes to land as many jobs as possible. Among other things, understanding what primary contractors look out for when hiring subcontractors is one way to increase your chances of getting jobs. 

This understanding may be challenging, mainly for subs who are new to the market but staying informed and updated will help you realize new avenues to put your talents across to general contractors. 

One frequently asked question is how a subcontractor can get jobs. It can sometimes seem like a subcontractor has to always worry about where they will get their next job. Well, this does not have to be the case. We will help you discover how to go about creating a network of contractors while looking for jobs. 

Tips For Getting Into The Construction Industry 

With the right scheme, you can secure construction projects and also create a lifelong clientele. There needs to be a collectively favorable relationship in the construction workforce to get the best results. As a subcontractor, there are moves to make to get into the construction field and stay relevant. Let us dive in. 

1. Create a Network 

Getting started as a subcontractor is not exactly a walk in the park. However, one sure way to increase your chances of getting jobs is networking with general contractors in your region. You could join many civic organizations that will help you meet new business partners and potential clients. 

After meeting new people, you will need to work on a good marketing plan to know what services you offer. For a start, give out your business card to the people you’ve met so they can contact you. If there are people you have done jobs for in the past, they could help you with referrals. 

It would be beneficial if you worked on improving your skills. A contractor demands from the subcontractor just as much as the client requests from them. It won’t be easy to sell yourself if you are not good at what you do. 

2. Know Your Strong Points 

The bidding process is incredibly competitive. Most general contractors are usually interested in whoever can come up with the cheapest offer. You, as a subcontractor, will need to be able to give the primary contractor strong reasons why he should hire you regardless of the price. 

For instance, timely submission of bids, good communication skills, and a good reputation of living up to expectations will increase the odds in your favor. You should also correctly relay these strengths across to the general contractor in an appealing manner. 

3. Professionalism 

Aside from being a certified or licensed subcontractor, the level of professionalism you display is likely to attract contractors and other clients to you. You can show professionalism by:

  • Setting ethical standards and behaving in a morally acceptable way, even when others don’t. 
  • Having a professional scope of behavior can be seen in your approach to delivering quality results, sticking to the terms, requirements, and contractual specifications, and your management of impossible situations. 
  • Display confidence without being conceited. 
  • Reach out to clients and partners to get feedback on jobs completed. 
  • Having a well-organized team that ensures safety, looks to reduce work hazards, and does neat and clean work. 

Recent studies on the construction industry have shown that many people have a negative impression of the industry. For instance, many people have observed low maintenance around the workplace. They believe that most construction workers do not make time to keep things neat, making it uncomfortable for passersby. This perception does not create a professional image.

Committing to professionalism will boost your public image and, in turn, increase your chances of getting positive feedback and referrals. With this, you stand a greater chance of getting and sustaining better opportunities and increasing profitability.

Luckily, there are programs that can be very useful in the construction industry. Bridgit Bench is one of the best workforce planning and resource management software. You can get assistance in many relevant areas, thereby increasing your professionalism and marketability. 

4. Stay In Touch With Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, and Mortgage Brokers 

Both commercial and residential home buyers typically do some remodeling after purchasing a property. Keeping contacts with realtors can help you meet new potential clients who need your particular skill set. 

Property managers are usually in charge of a lot of properties sometimes. Since they stand-in for the landlord, they are generally responsible for rent, construction, remodeling, and repairs. Having contacts like this could open your way to new jobs. 

Furthermore, mortgage brokers are in charge of financing new property owners. Building a good relationship with mortgage brokers will help you gain useful contacts in the construction field also. 

5. Study Your Area. 

If you are inexperienced in the contracting sphere, you should know the way other subcontractors in your area source for jobs. Different subcontractors in different regions may use unique means to get jobs. It would be useful if you studied the operation of your competition to discover ways to become relevant.

If you have been in the contracting business for some time, you can use the contacts you have to your advantage. By this time, you must have created a relationship with other subcontractors. They should be able to help you meet with good general contractors. Be excellent in your field, and you will have contractors reaching out to you in no time. 


For subcontractors, every construction job’s success depends on the relationship he or she has with the general contractor. Honing your skills and staying relevant is a must. But you cannot neglect the connection between you and the contractor. A strained relationship will hinder proper communication and affect how productive the team will turn out. 

Moreover, you should pick interest in various elements and features related to your field. For instance, this program will prove very useful to subcontractors in every area. 

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