How to Find the Best Codes When Shopping Online

No matter where you want to spend your money online, there will be a coupon, voucher, or deal. So how can you make sure that you make significant savings on everything from socks and groceries to finding the correct casino bonus codes?

Why Should You Also Look For Online Voucher Codes?

We already pay a premium price for everything we buy compared to the manufacturing cost. When we spend some time looking for voucher codes, we can save anywhere up to 80% on the regular price.

When using voucher codes for what we want, we can put the savings we make into a savings pot, which will quickly stack up. You’ll likely see several different types of online savings options:

  • Coupons are usually given by the marketing team to increase sales and visibility. Often a coupon will cover a single purchase or a single item.
  • Discount vouchers are usually given by the retailer to customers in exchange for newsletter sign-up or loyalty.

In general, people will use the term promo codes to cover all of the different types of vouchers and discounts.

How Can You Find The Best Codes When Shopping Online?

The internet puts a lot of power in the hands of businesses in terms of analytics. They know how many times you have visited the website and the product.

Brands can make an educated guess about how many times a person will visit a product before buying and offer a code around the 10% mark to encourage the sale.

Dynamic Pricing

Have you ever noticed that when you check the prices of a hotel or a flight and then go back a few more times, the price goes up? This is dynamic pricing in action; retailers will use your data and the data of others to decide on a price point.

You could see a higher or lower price than others looking at the same thing.

Use incognito mode or private browsing to avoid dynamic pricing and see a better rate. This stops your cookies from being saved during your searches and avoids dynamic pricing being able to target you.

Fill Up and Forget It

Companies don’t lie to have high cart abandonment, and one of the ways that they try to prevent it – is by offering your a discount. This only works if you take the time to fill up your cart. Keep in mind that some retailers will often item-specific codes, so only add in items that you actually want.

To ensure you get the code, you will need to be registered with the retailer so that they can email the code to you. It might not happen immediately, but usually in a few days – so don’t do it with anything you need urgently.

Social Media

Many brands like to have an engaged audience, and to that end, they might share coupons and offers on their social media pages online. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram usually have some of the best options.

Remember to put on notifications for when they post, so you don’t miss anything.


The emailing list is going to be packed with new drops, deals, sales, and other offers. From time to time, you might also get a code.

These codes may be individual or for anyone to use. For example, if the code is something like HAPPY2022, then this can be used by everyone; however, if the code is more like 383475729, that is likely to be an individual code with a one-time use.

In-Store vs. Online

This doesn’t always happen, but you might find that the online and in-store prices aren’t the same. When you shop online, you are only accessing the online pricing.

However, it can be a good idea to give the local store a call and ask for the item’s price – and if there are any offers on right now.

Strategically Using Your Codes

If you mess up the order of using your multiple coupons, you might void the option to use one of the best ones.

Say you have a coupon that will take a % off your total. Typically you will use that one first. This reduced the overall price. If you then have a coupon to take a cash amount of the total – use that second.


$100 – 20% = $80 – $15 = $65

$100 – $15= $85 – 20% = $68

There is a slight difference here, but you could save quite a lot if you factor in shipping.


The fastest way to be presented with as many codes as you could ever need is to search for them on a search engine. If you know the product you want, start with the product name and discount. Here are a few variations:

  • CeraVe discount code
  • CeraVe coupon code
  • CeraVe face wash samples and code
  • CeraVe promo price

Try different variations because all of the top coupon and cashback websites will use slightly different search terms to rank. If you don’t know the exact product you want, you can search for a store discount code.


Just because you can’t see a discount anywhere doesn’t mean that there are no discounts to be had! Instead, call customer services or use their online chat. Ask if there are any codes or discounts at the moment.

Sometimes customer services are authorized to give discounts; other times, they can locate them for you.