How to Find the Best Gan Cube

If you like playing gan cube, then you know how fast speed cubing is becoming more and more popular. At present many more speed cubes are available than before. But the question is how it is possible to get a good gan cube?

When you’re trying to shop for gan tube then it is going to be very subjective as it has a lot of personal choices. However, some important features divide all 3 × 3 speed cubes that you need to be aware of to make your choice.

It’s a cheap hobby because most quality speed cubes are under 20 and some rare exceptions that are considered by many to be the highest quality are priced above 30 like the Gan 356 Air Ultimate which is still not that expensive. Remember this and choose a value 3 × 3 for yourself and don’t stop stealing some random Chinese in the dollar store because you will ruin your cubing experience. Now, read this article and know how you can find the perfect gan cube


A Rubix cube with poor stability can also be an immobile case when one or more corner pieces are twisted.

Each Cuba will want a stable motion cube. This determines that the cube flexes and distorts it a lot.

If you are a beginner, at first you will not run as crazy as 5-10 moves per second but if you do it later, it is better to get a stable speed cube for it. During the official solving competition you know a pop-out that is an auto disqualification for that round.


The control of the speed cube depends on multiple factors but the most important of them is its speed of bending. Faster cubes have less control and they overshoot when performing algorithms. However, the new trend of magnetizing the cube has contributed a lot to giving Cuba more control.

You can magnet some speed cube yourself but it is not easy with everyone because of their interior design.

Many speedcubers makers today are already selling magnetic cubes that give you a lot more control when performing algorithms. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for absolute newbies because these 3 × 3 feel different and are good to learn cubing “naturally”. That’s just my opinion and you can learn cubing in a magnetic cube but I won’t.

Shortness of breath

Catching is a case when one layer of your speed cube is caught at another level. The most common catch is when a corner piece is caught on a centerpiece and when a piece on one end is caught on a part of the other end.

This can interfere with the implementation of the algorithm and confuse you which will slow down the solution. Not to mention eating your nerves. Some SpeedCube capture types are minimal thanks to proper design while others happen a lot of the time, ruining your experience. Catching is due to bad corner-cutting associated with fast curved cubes.


Lockups are a thing of the past when it comes to 3 × 3 speed cubes because of how well designed modern speed cubes are. But older Rubik’s Cubes will have a case of lockup now and then.

4 × 4, 5 × 5 and higher levels are more likely to be because they have more complex interiors.

Lockups are directly related to the cube design and will lock up as many levels of density as possible.