How to Find The Perfect Office for a Startup


For a startup business, finding the ideal office space is one of the most exciting parts of your company’s journey. But if you’re determined to settle somewhere and stay there for the long haul, there are many things to consider before you find that space to set up and make your mark in the world.

So, whether you’re on the lookout for the ultimate shared office space or you want to browse some serviced offices within your specific price range, here’s our guide on how to find the perfect office for a startup business.

Location Is Key

Location is the starting point for any business. Before you begin to explore what offices are available, it’s essential to decide on a general location to focus that search on.

For startups, the location may not always be about what’s the biggest and trendiest place to set up shop. Sometimes it’s about finding where smaller businesses are flourishing and making a plan to be a vital part of that growth.

Where you reside will speak volumes about your business. So be sure to research the main industries within the area you’re considering. If you can find an area that’s growing with like-minded businesses, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Include Everyone in the Decision-Making Process

If you’re a startup then chances are that you’re a relatively small team who work extremely hard together. So, why not include everyone’s input when finding that office space?

Doing this ensures that the office is within commuting distance for all involved. Considering the needs of the whole team can give your office space search a more communal and team-bonding feel.

Consider a Shared Office Space

It’s not always essential for every startup to have its very own dedicated office space. If you’re located in an area surrounded by hungry young companies then a shared office space may be more beneficial.

A shared office space allows you to build new relationships and bolster your list of contacts. You may even discover that there are ways in which you can both work together to achieve your individual goals.

Company Culture Still Counts

Consider the kind of amenities and social opportunities you want to have at your disposal. Many small businesses thrive in areas that have lively nightlife, or nearby pubs and restaurants for after-work socials.

If your office is within walking distance of amenities and fun activities, it’ll begin to feel more like a second home than a new office.

Look for Flexibility in Size and Space

Flexibility in office spaces for your startup business can make all the difference. When you’re first establishing yourself in your industry, no two months are ever the same.

Finding an office space that’s accustomed to changing size requirements on a monthly basis may be ideal. If you’re anticipating a slow few months and only need a few desks, you’ll be able to shrink down your space. If a sudden rush of work comes in and you need to expand, there’s availability to do so.

What matters most is that you find the perfect office space to handle your future growth and that you’re in an ideal location to plant firm roots and grow your business.

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