How to Find the Right Engagement Ring


How much should an engagement ring cost? What size does she or he wear? What else do you have to consider? A jeweler can answer all questions about the trends, the four C’s and the perfect size of the diamond.

Are you a man and reading out this article? Perhaps, you are facing one of the most difficult challenges of your life: finding the right ring for your partner.

If you are a lady, maybe you are expecting to get some proposals. In this case, you should save this article to read it frequently whenever possible. Finding a unique engagement ring that seems overwhelming at first glance is quite challenging, but not impossible – visit to check out a variety of options. However, it also depends on your partner’s choice and her or his personality. The expensive offer is directly proportional to the high expectations. Ultimately, if your partner has a special taste, there is a great possibility that you can do wrong.

But you can prepare yourself to avoid blunders. If you follow a few basic rules, there are great chances that the ring you would purchase fits your partner’s requirements and expectations. However, if you want the most accurate method of finding the perfect ring size for you and your loved ones, refer to a trusted ring size chart.

You are always right with the classic

The most important question is: what style would your partner like? Classic? Antique? Or Fancy? You can identify the best jewelry if you know what does she like to wear in a normal routine. This strategy allows you to predict the appropriate one. However, it is better not to take any risk in choosing the engagement ring for your partner.

Extravagant specimens could no longer please her after a few years. The ring should match with the other pieces of jewelry. When in doubt, the simpler choice is less wrong than the expensive one that your partner might not like.

But if you want to turn it out yourself, keep in mind that colored gemstones are no longer in fashion these days. Duchess Catherine’s engagement ring has inspired many customers – a sapphire that once belonged to her mother-in-law Diana.

A well-stocked jeweler usually has an extensive range of different styles of latest and renowned pieces of history. Recently, trendy young designers, such as Sophie Bille Brahe and Nina Kastens, also have engagement jewelry.

Don’t be in debt

A rule from the USA has potentially signified the best strategy to keep expense and earnings maintained. The engagement ring’s value should be approximately three times the monthly salary. This part is crucial, especially for job oriented people. Besides, women upload their engagement rings’ pictures and ask the values. Therefore, you should keep in mind that, along with your partner’s likeness, it also contributes to your status and reputation.

Don't be in debt

The most important thing is to do justice to the woman’s taste and quality. However, it could be worth spending a little more. The so-called one-carat, a diamond with 1 carat, for which a certificate is required, has long been the measure of all things. For all those who cannot afford such a sparkle, people want to avail it on installment payments, especially young people prefer this mode of payment.

If you don’t want to afford such luxury, you can rely on cheaper and equally charming alternatives. At Segal jewelers, you can already find a piece made of 18 carats yellow gold and with 0.025 carat diamond for less than $ 600.

It also depends on the story

Never underestimate the emotional moment around ring and proposal. Of course, it is a memorable moment not only for your partner but also for you. Anyone who buys an engagement ring using his best instinct, his partner delights with the happiness with a sparkling smile on her face. Another option would be to melt down an old piece of jewelry, such as an inherited one, to make something new. The advantage of molding the older one into the new design is that you also shine with sustainable awareness. In the meantime, it is not uncommon for couples to visit goldsmith for placing orders for their engagement rings. Visiting goldsmith with your future partner enables you to get more symbolic value and narrow options to select.

You are not alone!

If you are unsure about the style, size or value of the ring, you should get support in the selection. If you alone have to make a selection, you can ask your married friends, married sisters or mother about what to see in rings during selection. But male companions who have already been in the same situation can also be helpful. Moreover, you can arrange special consultation appointments with many jewelers. Jewelers known for iconic engagement ring classics have a special “engagement ring concierge service” for everyone who wants to fulfill their wife’s dream of a turquoise box.

In general, the four C’s are value-determining. It’s about Carat, Clarity (purity), Color and Cut.

The right advice is worth its weight in gold

In terms of purity, you must take expert advice. A stone that has small inclusions, i.e. certain characteristics, is less valuable than the completely flawless diamond. However, these inclusions are not at all visible to the layperson when in doubt. So, it may be right to accept certain quality restrictions and buy a diamond. Others prefer to choose a smaller diamond that has fewer features but a higher degree of purity.

The size is what matters

If you choose a ready-made ring or have it made, you should make sure that it fits later. First of all, you should have an idea of ​​which finger the woman will wear the ring on. The man could steal a comparable piece from the future wife’s jewelry box for a few hours so that the jeweler can use it to determine the right ring size.

Nevertheless, this is only an approximation, which is still uncertain because the fingers on the left hand can differ from those on the right. Therefore, other information can also be helpful. For instance, it gives an idea of whether the woman has a strong or tender hand or whether her joints are more pronounced. Conventionally, the ring is always sold in the average size, the first adjustment is included in the price. Besides, the newly engaged couple also has a shared jewelry experience.

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