How to Find Your Work Life Balance

A work life balance is something everyone strives for, but for some, it can feel like an impossible task. Work always feels like it wins, and you may end up feeling as though you have no time for your personal life or personal interests at all. Either that, or you are so burnt out after your work shift that you end up having no energy to do anything productive or relaxing in your spare time.

Finding a work life balance is crucial for a healthy mind and body. Here are some of the important ways you can find that balance.

Have Set Working Hours (and Stick to Them)

This is particularly important if you work from home or if you’re self-employed. The temptation to complete extra work or work all hours of the day can be very strong when you’re in control of your own money-making. Nevertheless, set working hours are crucial to finding the right balance. Be sure to comfortably choose when you can start and finish work if you work for yourself, and if you are employed externally, then know when to say no to working extra hours or overtime if it’s simply too much to cope with.

Take Regular Breaks

A good balance is necessary even during your working hours. You shouldn’t be working a full day of at least eight hours without caring for yourself along the way. This includes:

  • Regular breaks
  • A healthy lunch (don’t skip meals because you’re busy)

  • Plenty of liquids and water throughout the day to stay hydrated

  • Moving around and walking when possible to stretch out your body and exercise, which is especially important if you work in front of a computer all day

Be sure that your breaks aren’t consumed by your work. If you have to take your break still sat at your work station, distract your mind by finding something relaxing to do, like checking out new apps or an online casino provider on your phone or reading an article or magazine (unrelated to your work, of course).

Balance Doesn’t Mean a Perfect Day, Every Day

A good work life balance doesn’t mean an even number of working hours and personal hours in the day, every single day. It doesn’t mean having a successful working day, being able to stop at a certain time, and then spending the rest of the day doing something exciting in your personal life either.

Balance may have to be over time or spread out through a certain period. You may have to work long hours one week with limited social time, but this may mean that you can have a shorter working week the following week — or perhaps you can book a week off work altogether.

Find the perfect balance which works for you and learn when to make compromises to achieve it.

Let Your Health Guide You

Maybe you feel as though you’re already working and living as you should be. Nevertheless, your health will be able to tell you whether that’s true or not. Pay attention to red flags that you’re working too much and not having enough downtime, such as high levels of stress or not being able to sleep. Furthermore, if your work life balance is leaving you with no time to properly care for yourself, such as fitting in exercise, then your routine needs to be shifted for the good of your` health.